2024 Top Fitness Inspired Holidays


Life is an adventure (not a retreat), and that's why a fitness-inspired holiday is the perfect combo of friends, fitness, and fun, AKA the perfect way to have your cake and eat it, too. You might wonder, "How does a vacation and working out work?" The answer is simple: book a trip to an epic destination, show up, and let us handle the rest. Whatever your fitness level, we're geared up with some of the best fitness leaders you could imagine. From yoga and running (and walking!) to jungle gym circuits, you're in for a head-to-toe workout of the mind, body, and soul with these top fitness-inspired holidays.

Fitness and adventure belong to everyone

Fitness-inspired trips are not exclusive to hardcore athletes; they cater to anyone at any fitness level. The best part? SurfYogaBeer makes fitness FUN and practical so that you can take some healthy habits home with you after your holiday ends. Imagine sweating it out with like-minded travelers against the backdrop of breathtaking destinations. From surfing on the coast of Morocco to running (or walking) the rugged terrains of Iceland, these trips attract people seeking adventure and a supportive community to jumpstart, refresh, or challenge their fitness routine. 

Fit-fluencers to curate your workouts

Our trip leaders are some of the top professionals in the fitness industry, from SoulCycle instructors and Rumble boxing coaches to certified yoga teachers. You can expect them to guide you through meditative yoga flows, big workouts, and even the silliest, sandiest beach game workouts. Each workout is curated to challenge you at whatever your pace while fostering an inclusive environment where growth is encouraged and people literally cheer each other on. No need to worry about being out of your depth because fitness-inspired trips are crafted to accommodate people at any stage of their fitness journey. Our pro instructors provide guidance, ensuring that even beginners can participate, grow, and, most importantly, have fun while doing it! 

Healthy eats and healthy habits

All trips are fitness-inspired, not required (but encouraged,) meaning wherever you are on your fitness journey, we'll meet you there. We'll start forming healthy habits together, often starting in the mornings with a boot camp-style workout, followed by a big breakfast to regain strength for a day of nonstop activities. You can expect fresh local foods for most meals, and if you have dietary requirements, give us a heads-up, and we'll meet you there, too. Included meals will vary based on the trip you select, but no need to stress; some food options are accessible nearby if you need a pre-pump snack or something to satisfy a craving. As the day winds down and the sun sinks to the horizon, there may be an opportunity for sunset yoga to stretch our muscles and reflect on the day before the evening's activities.

Choosing your fitness-inspired adventure

Every SurfYogaBeer trip includes daily fitness programming to completely elevate your getaway, but if you're looking for a specific vibe or environment to get your sweat on, take a look through our top 2024 faves.


Nicaragua: As one of our OG trips and with FOUR dates to choose from, Nicaragua is the ultimate fitness retreat-style getaway. Located off the beaten path in the dreamy Playa Maderas, you'll have no shortage of options to hit or surpass your fitness goals. This special location is tucked away from the bustling tourist spots and has the most serene yoga deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean below. The Howler monkies are nature's alarm clock here, telling you it's time to wake up and get your pump on at the iconic jungle gym sporting Flintstone-like equipment. You and your new friends can pump it out with barbells and circuits and stretch it out with rejuvenating yoga at this all-in-one locale. Namaste from the tranquil yoga deck as you gaze into the infinite ocean views from a child's pose or downward dog. Upside-down or right-side up, there's no wrong way to enjoy the savory scenery. And, if this gem of a location wasn't already getting you excited, runners and surfers will be elated to hear there are plenty of trails to zen your mind on the ground and the ocean waves. 

Bali: It won't take long for you to say, "Namaste here and miss my flight home." Known as a mecca for rejuvenation, Bali is where you'll quickly find your bliss through a beautiful balance of workouts, yoga, surfing, and some moments of letting loose. During this stunning week, you can expect morning yoga, a top-of-the-line fitness center, an outdoor turf track, and the most delicious healthy meals. It wouldn't be a proper holiday without some exploration, and this Bali experience has been carefully curated to cut out the touristy stuff and give you the most delicious taste of what this gorgeous destination has to offer. With so many beautiful must-see spots in Bali, we'll loop you into one of our favs - Boat Day around the secluded island of Nusa Penida, where you can soak in that vitamin D (and sea) while snorkeling with Manta Rays. 

Trailrunning & Hiking

The Dolomites: On this Italian adventure, we're swapping waves for mountain tops as we experience the Dolomites - nature's masterpiece of jagged limestone peaks beckoning thrill-seekers and wanderers alike. Explore charming alpine villages, savor jaw-dropping vistas, and discover your inner explorer in this UNESCO World Heritage wonderland. The Dolomites are where adventure meets awe-inspiring beauty, and it's one of Europe's most beautiful hiking destinations. With our basecamp situated in the heart of Merano, it won't be long before the group has clocked a few miles of terrain and is ready to break for a refreshing lager or homemade risotto. After this hiking adventure, your legs will be prepared to say "Arrivederci!" to the Dolomites and "Ciao" to Venice, where you'll cruise along the enchanting canals and indulge in Venetian culture. Grab your hiking boots and sexy cruising outfits, and prepare to board your plane home with some extra leg muscle tone compliments of the Dolomites!

Iceland: Did you know Icelanders are known to rank amongst the healthiest people in the world due to their unpolluted air and one of the cleanest water sources on earth? It might also be because of the insane scenery that makes people want to get active and set their eyes on every single possible landscape. Imagine running, hiking, skipping, or frolicking through the enchanting Icelandic trails with mystical waterfalls and infinite mountainous views. Seriously, you don't have to be a marathon runner to book this trip, as this incredible outdoor retreat is about the journey, not how quickly you get to the finish line. With epic 360 views wherever you turn, Iceland will get your heartbeat pumping regardless of your pace. After a day of trekking through the trails, it's time to release and decompress with hot springs and yoga, a vital piece of this glorious Iceland adventure. 

Fitness + exploration

Egypt: While this 9-day adventure will take you back in time to ancient history to explore the iconic pyramids, you'll also swoon over our modern-day luxurious accommodations on the Nile. Temperatures in Egypt will be warm, so expect plenty of hydration to fuel our team workouts and our bodies. There are lots of water sports for those who want to get wet and wild, like kayaking or swimming in the safe waters of the Nile or scuba or snorkeling on our island adventure! Before explorations, you can expect daily fitness programming with our fab instructors. Yoga and boot camps are our included go-to workouts during this Pharaoh's fiesta, and don't be surprised if boat day turns into a giant dance party. (Dancing = movement = fitness!)

Morocco: Two of our specialties are surfing and yoga, and on this Moroccan adventure, you will get all that and more. Starting on the coast of Morocco, catch the early morning waves before a group boot camp workout or maybe some friendly beach games competition. With three stunning Moroccan bucket list destinations on this trip, you'll get a balanced mix of culture, views, and, of course, fitness. After surfing and some rejuvenating vitamin sea in Taghazout and visiting Marrakech to awaken your senses, you'll be ready to trade snake charmers for cobra pose as you gaze out into the horizon. Here in the Agafay Desert, the sky kisses the desert sands, and you'll hear the stillness of the calming sounds of complete silence. You haven't struck a yoga post until you've done it desert-style. 

Whether you're mastering the basics of a push-up or pushing your limits at just one more pull-up, these trips are designed for personal development and developing confidence. Laugh it out while you sweat it out with new friends, and bring some newfound wellness habits (and some new muscle tone) home with you! Grab your trainers and passport because your 2024 just got much more exciting. Is your heart pounding with excitement just thinking about it? Just wait til the workouts begin. We can't wait to sweat, stretch, and pump it out with you at an upcoming fitness-inspired holiday!