Growing Trends: Men in Group Travel


Since we started back in 2014, our data clearly shows the rise of men joining group travel - LFG boys.

Last month, SYB was mentioned in Forbes  detailing how women travel more than men, and that SYB was one of the travel companies that have successfully bridged that gap by offering trips more focused on adventure and friendship. LFG boys, again! 

I just have to clarify that we’re not just trying to “lure” more men to bridge this gap, as the article stated…we’ve simply been on the forefront of bridging this gap since day one, for more than a decade, each and every day.

When the article first surfaced, it was actually the subject of a blog post we published in August 2023 (s/o again to long-time SYB guest and overall traveler extraordinaire, Sara Balaban, who authored the article!).  In his Forbes article, Michael Goldstein drops several rather masculine tropes to his suggestion as to why men stay clear of this niche. While we haven’t directly surveyed our dudes on why they’re joining, we can tell you we’ve seen them crushing workouts, meeting life partners, and connecting with other guys in ways that are clearly absent in most dudes' lives. And if you’re reading this, and you’re a dude, if you haven’t bonded in a deep way with another dude, talked about things you can only talk to your boys about, or if you’ve never felt brotherly love, then take initiative to find it because these feelings are not only for women - true strength comes from embracing all emotions! 

Anyways, our mission has never wavered with the times. Since day 1, we’ve stood for a balance, which means itineraries packed to take advantage of our days and nights on trips, all that we hope will carry over to our lives in general! The activity of yoga, for instance, beyond just the balance aspect within SYB, can give everyone such a huge benefit for the mind and body, but sometimes gets generalized into an activity that is for women or flexible men. But when you're first impression of yoga is strange chanting, granola, and Sanskrit it can deter those that need it most... so we keep it real and do it in ways that connects with our people.

In many ways yoga was actually my first sport growing up in southern California. My mother was a yoga instructor, so for as long as I can remember, I was rolling around on a mat, stretching, flowing into new poses. I found more control over my mind and body when I practiced yoga. Learning the importance of breath-work. Mindfulness. 

In high school, the Saturday “donation” Bikram classes provided me an inexpensive way to learn the discipline of holding positions, holding silence, allowing for a detachment of your body from your mind, which reminded me weekly that bliss comes from moments we’re experiencing in real time. Still to this day, yoga calibrates my life when I feel lost, it shows me that as humans we can find the emotions and feelings of joy and love in so many other ways then just with money.

I’ve watched over the past decade more and more guys taking this leap with us with yoga as a practice, fully embracing the balance we represent. A few months ago in Nicaragua, each morning as the squad made their way to the yoga deck for a sunrise session, I noticed more guys than I've ever seen before rolling out their mats with anticipation, finding the best spot to catch a glimpse of the horizon. Not just ready to only hit those sun salutations either, they fully knew all the poses too. 

Don’t get me wrong, truly thank you again Forbes - we absolutely appreciate the support in highlighting our company and recognizing that we’ve made progress in bridging this gender travel gap! But as Sara suggests, there are a ton more layers involved beyond gender norms and tropes, and this is why I feel men are definitely already moving beyond those aspects when it comes to travel. An emphasis on real community and balance will always lead the way, regardless of your identity. 

Looking back since 2014 at our start, what would typically be a 1 to 6 ratio of men to women on most excursions has vastly caught up to about 50/50 per trip these past few years. Whatever reason it is, we can all agree it’s a positive outcome in their lives.

Are you ready to take the plunge, go on an adventure, practice some yoga and meet some new friends with SYB?! Hell yeah, let’s go ladies and gents…last one to the yoga deck buys the first round of beers!