One thing cannot be denied: the Italians know what it means to live. Every experience the SurfYogaBeer tribe had on our excursion to the paradise that is the western Italian coastline was saturated with joy, flavor, and colored with passion. As the leader of the yogic experience on our trip, my intention was to cultivate an experience that left us feeling full on every level: body, mind, and soul. Through sunrise yoga practices, cloud-drenched hikes, endless homemade pasta, mineral rich wine, cultural exploration, live music, and non-stop belly laughs, we achieved our goal and then some. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite, most delicious, Italian experiences

1) Hiking the Walk of the Gods  

Named aptly because you're so high up you must be a deity,  the view on this hike is incomparable as you walk along the edge of the world. You can choose how long you want to trek along this 30km path. We started in the town of Nocelle, which is the farthest point you can drive to along the trail. We then hiked about an hour and a half before turning around to head back to the car. A note: definitely wear comfortable clothes and good shoes as this is no walk in the park. Bring water for yourself and make sure to stop and take in the view every so often.

2) Exploring the shops of Positano

If you follow our leader, Mantas, on social media you may have seen him don his fresh new duds - Italian suede shoes and a linen shirt to match. Positano is one of those dream towns, nestled on the slope of a mountain, seemingly precariously constructed yet sound enough to withstand centuries of visitors. At the top of the mountain near the main road you'll find plenty of hotels and restaurants to greet you. As you wind down towards the beach, it gets even better. Artisan Italian shops, lush linens, higher-end souveniers, and food for days. For the health-enthused, stop by Case e Bottega for a fresh green juice and a detox water. For the classy sunset seeker, check out Franco's Bar at Le Sireneuse for Sauvignon Blanc and a cheers to the good life. 

3) Touring Pompeii with Lello

Pompeii's history is fascinating to say the least. Think of it like Las Vegas over 2000 years ago. However, without a proper tour guide, it can look like a bunch of collapsed buildings and piles of rocks. We had the pleasure of getting the inside scoop to the culture, history and gossip imbued in the streets and provocative frescoes. If you find yourself going to Pompeii, reach out to SYB so we can put you in contact with Lello. Seriously, you won't be disappointed. 

4) Lunch + Wine Tasting at Cantina Del Vesuvio

At the base of Mount Vesuvius, the iconic Volcano that annihilated Pompeii, sits a picturesque farm that hosts guests for true farm to table lunch and wine tasting. The food and drink is not only delicious, but because it is made from the produce grown in mineral rich volcanic soil, it is some of the most nutritious food you can eat. Afterward, you have your reign of the olive groves and grape vines to take a reflective walk, a cat nap, or have a life changing conversation (we did all three). Probably the best food you will eat while you're in Italy. Special tip: if anyone in your group has a birthday coming up - tell them! Our darling Monica was kissed on the cheek by about 10 elderly french man who wanted to wish her a happy birthday. 

Check out CANTINA DEL VESUVIO online!

5) Rent a Private Boat and Sail around Capri

We know, a private boat seems more like a luxury, but you'll not regret the investment. You'll spend the day cruising around the coast, exploring your own grottos, jumping from cliffs into aquamarine water, sipping sangria on the Capri beach, eating gelato on top of the world in Capri's main square, and taking selfies as you live the dream. We went with BoatN'Go which provided us the most unforgettable experience as well as beer and snacks for the boat. La vita e bella! 

The list can go on and on. No matter what you choose to do on your Italian excursion, be sure to make time for you. The excursions, learnings, and experiences you have will certainly require time to reflect and process. You'll likely leave Italy with a fresh perspective, a snooty-ness surrounding your wine and pasta choices, and a feeling of having a satiated soul. 

For a true Amalfi Coast adventure you'll never forget, join us next spring as we return to one of the most beautiful places on earth where strangers become family while toasting to the good life.