SurfYogaBeer, The Travel & Fitness Company You Need To Know About - by THE LALA


It seems that we’re always looking for new ways to change up our workout routines, from the people we follow on Instagram to trendy workout crazes. I will be the first to applaud those who have found ways to make burning calories fun. I love the feeling of a successful workout, but I also need something to motivate me, whether it be the music, the trainer, or any other elements.

The fitness company, SurfYogaBeer, represents just that. From themed boot camps to fitness retreats led all around the world, the leaders of SurfYogaBeer know exactly how to combine a fit lifestyle with a fun one. Events and Adventure Director, Kingsley Delacato, explains what SYB is really all about.

the Lala: What’s the concept behind SurfYogaBeer?

Kingsley Delacato: SurfYogaBeer is a fitness adventure company that travels around the world creating unique fitness retreats. We have traveled all over the globe, including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and the Amalfi Coast, with some other awesome locations planned for the future. SurfYogaBeer was started a year and a half ago by co-founders Mantas Zvinas, who is based here in New York, and Nathan Reed, who is based in San Diego. We have local communities based in both New York City and San Diego that incorporate local fitness adventures based on the region to keep our communities connected even when we aren’t on retreats. Our name basically sums up the brand really well; we believe that all of the good things in life should be in balance and moderation. SurfYogaBeer is run by a team that lives and breathes a fit, healthy lifestyle and that likes to share that with other people. Our whole goal is to bring together like-minded people who love to sweat and have fun.

How can others get involved?

KD: Anyone can get involved (21+). We always encourage people to come try something new. It’s an amazing way to meet new people on top of the overall fitness aspect. All of our adventures and events are tailored to all fitness levels, and when it comes down to it, it’s really all about learning new things and embracing something that you haven’t tried before.

What are some of the events you’re currently organizing? 

KD: Each local event is a little different. We usually do a 45 min. – 1 hr. workout and after we leave a little time for a drink and mingling with the group. We do some events that are yoga based, some boot camps, and some runs. The boot camps are usually tailored to specific themes. For instance, we just hosted our ABsession workshop, which was a class specifically designed to focus on core exercises. For the summer, we host a run club that meets every Monday night at 7:00pm along the Hudson River. Overall, the local events happen all over the city which is the cool part. Sometimes they’re outside, sometimes in awesome studio spaces, but the best part is as we grow there is always a mix of old and new friends.

What are the adventures like?

KD: On each adventure we have a group of SYB leaders and a group of curated fitness professionals. On a typical day, we usually wake up around 6:00 AM and do a beach boot camp. We love being outside, on the beach and connected with the water. During the mid-part of the day, we do an activity that’s fitness-related like paddle boarding, surfing, hiking to a waterfall, etc., but it really depends on the location. And at sunset, we typically always do yoga by the pool. The overall routine follows cardio, adventure, yoga. The retreats also have specifically curated menus from Salud, an organic and raw cafe in NYC, which is the BOMB. It keeps us fueled and ready to go for our workouts.

When we go away on adventures, we actually encourage people to book them without knowing anyone. We’ve seen it happen where people who didn’t know anyone going in, return with great friends that they end up hanging out with all the time back home. It forms relationships and networking opportunities that wouldn’t have happened otherwise and to me, that is the coolest part.

What’s your favorite part about being on the SYB team?

KD: My favorite thing is definitely the exchange of energy from the people around you. As cliche as it sounds, it really is the “good vibe tribe” and everyone feeds off this spirit. Especially in New York City, you’re so busy and sometimes you just need an outlet to enjoy each other’s company, shake out the stress, and enjoy the little things in life. These people can become your family very quickly. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

Images via @surfyogabeer