7 Reasons Why Meditation Is So Powerful


SYB Remote focuses on a slower, more intentional pace of life than our famous week-long adventures. Every morning, we get together for a meditation practice guided by a trained guest or SYB leader. We've found that this routine has immensely and positively impacted our day ahead and leaves us feeling ready to conquer whatever comes next. A few of our Remoters shared with us their biggest takeaways, lessons, and accomplishments they've experienced since starting this morning ritual. 


Meditation is a practice that I often do at home and alone. It's been a blessing to gather together with a group of like-minded people and make our energies stronger as one. Nothing beats meditating with a beautiful view and beautiful people. The support and love have helped me realize that I want to start my own meditation course, which is something that I was scared to do before. It's also added a level of accountability to my life because I now have people from home checking in on me to make sure I've done it in the morning. It's a practice I will continue long after Remote is over. 


90% of it is just showing up. When we show up and "don't think, just do," life has a way of coming together. Put in the effort, and you will see the reward.


Being able to meditate with a group of people has been the encouragement I've needed to get back into my practice. Meditating gives me the ability to control my thoughts and the way that I speak to myself on a daily basis. It gives me the freedom to create a healthy and positive perspective. And being surrounded with all this energy and power is a game-changer!


I've tried starting meditation on my own several times over the past year using different apps but was never able to stick with it for more than a few tries. But here, surrounded by a group of like-minded people on different but also similar journeys, who also keep each other accountable and consistent in the practice, has made all the difference. The openness and compassion of the people made it truly feel like a safe space where I could ease into the practice at my own pace, with the right level of guidance and realistic expectations. I'm looking forward to taking the group meditation practice in this idyllic setting back to "real" life back home.


Covid screwed up my routine a lot, and this was a really nice way to reset. The act of waking up early with a group of other people makes it a lot easier. The initial three of us almost didn't even start the first day, but the support kept us going. It was super cool how it started out with just three and then expanded every day. There was no pressure to go; you were there if you wanted to be there. The big thing I took away has been that even though everyone has different things going on, we're all here together doing something similar, which made it really interesting to hear the things people got out of their days that they were grateful for. 


Shannon, Steph, and Jenny have been leading morning meditations during my time here - which has truly been magical. Each gentle practice, loaded with intention and purpose, has jolted epic inspiration and has set each day up for success. The brilliant, fluid way in which they incorporate the importance of balance, awareness, and serenity is unmatched. Their soothing guidance paired with the melodic sounds of the Pacific breaking at shore, and the birds singing in harmony with each wave, almost feels like a dream. These are the sounds that accompany recordings people listen to all around the world - the immense gratitude to hear it - real-time - is overwhelmingly touching. The graceful words spoken and authentic energy exuded have fostered an environment that is open for emotional release and support. Together, we have built a space filled with love, trust, and camaraderie. Not to mention the accompaniment from the early sun rays and slight salty breeze - softly grazing our skin - as we melt into the wood of the elevated yoga deck floor that overlooks breathtaking panoramic views - is pure magic. It has been such an honor. Infinite thanks and appreciation, SurfYogaBeer!!


Nicaragua is a truly special place. The vibes are high, and the nature is out of this world. My favourite part of the meditation group is waking up early and seeing the ocean from our yoga deck at first light. We come together, have about 15 mins of silence/ guided mediation, and then close by saying what we're grateful for. This practice sets the tone for the day. Just an immense feeling of gratitude that we as a community are exactly where we need to be. It's better than coffee. It's been amazing to see people come out of their shells and share. For example, the other day, we had a healing energy circle. This was completely new to me. We all came together and sent love and energy to our loved ones elsewhere who need some support. It might not be for everyone, but the energy was powerful, and several of the crew were reduced to tears. One of our leaders shared tips on manifestation one morning. Again, completely new for me. I knew about manifestation, but not how to channel my goal into small attainable steps. We're always growing in a safe environment & learning skills to take home. It's been incredible and so much more than we could have imagined!

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