Quick Surf Hacks


Did you really think we would call ourselves SurfYogaBeer and not drop some fire surf knowledge on you? We chatted with some of our SYB resident wave gods to get you a few of their top tips for beginners and wave shredders alike. The water is warm, and the waves are breaking. Surf’s up, dudes.

Location, Location, Location

SYB knows a thing or two about prime wave-catching spots. A few of our favorite places to jet off for unparalleled surf are Playa Maderas, Nicaragua, Nosara, Costa Rica, Sayulita, Mexico, and El Zonte, El Salvador. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so. 

Pop-up Combo 

We also know a thing or two about yoga, and believe it or not, getting yourself into an upward-facing dog straight to a burpee jump is one of the best ways to perfect your pop-up. This combo helps you avoid using your knee, which is a major no-no (though beginners may be allowed to chicken leg). 

BBE (Big Board Energy)

Size matters and big boards are back in style. Even if you’re a pro, and definitely as a beginner, grab that long soft board at the surf shop and proudly tear up the waves with it. 

Get In Position

The key to avoiding a nose-dive is to make sure your ribs are in the center of the board when you’re paddling out. Too far forward or backward is a surefire way for your butt to end up in the water.