BIPOC Academy Scholarship


We are in one of the craziest times of world history - a deadly pandemic postponing 7 of our international scheduled adventures and halting our business completely, social injustice being fought in the streets, offices, our homes and a future that depends on what our actions are today.

While listening to the BIPOC community, especially the voices in the fitness community over the past few weeks, it is clear now that we could be more inclusive and representative of and accessible to, more BIPOC. We have taken a step back to reevaluate how we can best support the creation of a new fitness industry model that is inclusive, accessible, representative and respectful of all cultures and people.

Until we can give more BIPOC representation, resources, awareness and sponsorship to build this new model we need to as non-BIPOC begin by taking an unbiased view of our industry. We need to learn and acknowledge how the travel and fitness industry is disproportionately white and has huge barriers to those who need and deserve these services.

There is no clear answer how to take on this challenge but it is important to acknowledge it, and here at SurfYogaBeer we are taking our first order of action to offer two scholarships to our SYB Teacher Training Academy for BIPOC to begin building a future with more inclusivity. This is not nearly enough but this is where we will start.

The future begin now. If you wish to apply or know anyone that could use this, please apply below. 

- Mantas Zvinas, CEO and Caveman Founder of SurfYogaBeer