Can't Miss Spots in Kenya


Ahh, Kenya, home of the OG safari and bucket list destination for nature freaks around the world (that includes us). You want outdoor adventure? Kenya. Looking for a true African cultural experience? Kenya. Find a significant other? Keny---. Okay, maybe not that, but a trip to Kenya could solve pretty much all of your problems. Seeing gorgeous views and wild animals in person totally beats watching Netflix nature docs on your couch. We dare you to visit Kenya, check out these three spots, and say it wasn’t one of the best trips of your life. WARNING: This post may make you want to break out your bucket hat and khaki-colored clothes.  

Lake Nakuru National Park 

Start your African safari adventure with a game drive through the Great Rift Valley. This park is on the smaller side but has one of the most jaw-dropping lakes in the world. Get your camera ready for a mega-flock of pink flamingos chillin’ in the blue water, as well as possible rhino breeding (NSFW). The rhinos here are monitored and kept safe from poachers, so they go wild. You’ll also see a bunch of buffalo and hundreds of other species of birds. Combined with a visit to Masai Mara, you are GUARANTEED to see the Big 5. Trust us; your pic game will be fire.

Hells Gate National Park 

If you’re ready for an adventure, this is one spot you’ve gotta hit. The dangerous name just makes you want to visit even more. Hells Gate is one of the only national parks you can walk through on foot or explore on a mountain bike if you’re up to the challenge. No motor vehicles are allowed, so you’ll have to travel with a group or a local guide. Ride around to see some zebra, antelope, and warthogs, or get your rock-climbing shoes on for some crazy cliffs and canyons. You might even stumble upon the very place that inspired one of our all-time favorite Disney movies. Sorry no Simba in this park, but you could probably find a meerkat and warthog squad to join. 

Masai Mara

The granddaddy of the national safari parks. If you like the big and dangerous ones, this is for you. Think lions, leopards, and giraffes galore. There’s a good chance you’ll cross paths with a herd of elephants walking right next to the safari car -- talk about insta flames. July is prime time to visit Masai Mara for the famous annual wildebeest “Great Migration.” Nat Geo has got nothing on this live show. 

You’ll learn about the most unique culture in Kenya with a trip to a traditional Masai village. See where the villagers live, hear about their tribe and way of life, and get taught some hot new moves to bust out back home by the best dancers in the game.

*Hot Tip* You can’t fly in and out of Nairobi without a stop at both the Giraffe Centre and Elephant Orphanage. After you realize you’ve spent all day hanging out with the animals and haven’t eaten in hours, head over to The Carnivore Restaurant to partake in their “Beast of a Feast” and sip on a local dawa cocktail. It’s a toss-up whether you’ll knock out first from a food coma or the dawas. 

Tourism in Kenya is currently open, and with people getting out there again, things will be back up and poppin’ in no time. Pack your finest khaki-colored clothing right next to your athleisure when SurfYogaBeer safari-styles through Kenya in July 2022

Many thanks to Maggy Moro of Jeep Tours and Safaris for her insights. See Maggy on the SYB Kenya game drives!