Epic Summer Travel: Late August in the Balkans


If it's one thing I've learned since the Pandemic, it's that travel, adventure, and community are right up there with my basic needs of food and water. They make me feel alive, they make me remember that we're all living, and not infinitely. While life resumed most of its normalcy, it's not lost on me that we're living on borrowed time - and are trying to make up for the two years we spent in our homes, stocked with masks, toilet paper, and lists of all the things we'd make sure we would never take for granted once it was all over - like a hug, a plane ride, or a simple buffet (although, I think I'm out on those forever.) 

We're more than halfway through 2023, and i can't be the only one thinking that there's so much more for me to do and see before we celebrate all that we've accomplished and overcome in the last twelve months as that ball drops in Times Square. We've got themed parties to attend, workouts to sweat, and communities to build. 

I once read that you should do one profound thing every year of your life so that when you look back - you can always define the time you spent here on Earth. Whether it's graduating with a degree, or getting married, or taking a trip somewhere you've never been, you must do something that becomes unforgettable and noteworthy. If you're coming up on the latter half of the year, and thinking, I haven't done anything defining, I've got the perfect thing for you: Go to the Balkan's with SurfYogaBeer. 


First, we're headed to the Aegean Sea on a fleet of Catamarans to explore the beautiful islands of Greece. Yes, that could actually be your life for a week. Sailing into the sunset and hopping into town for fresh feta, lamb, and ouzo, falling asleep under the stars where you can see every single galaxy, and waking up to a journal and yoga session on the beach. There truly isn't a better way to disconnect from the noise and reconnect to yourself. Yes- we're a fitness adventure, but if you're looking for a way to retreat- retreat in Greece. 


Without skipping a beat, our next trip heads to the island of Lopud, Croatia, a thirty minute boat ride from Dubrovnik. If you want to get out of your mind and into your body - look no further. The days are jam packed with early morning workouts, mid afternoon hikes and runs, yoga to recover, and more, We have our signature boat day on a legitimate pirate ship, cliff jump, kayak and even head into town to get that Game of Thrones tour. It's guaranteed that you'll head home with 40+ new friends, some epic pictures, and adrenaline to last you months. 


Our last trip of the Balkans this summer concludes in Turkey. This time we're back in the Aegean Sea, but with less tourists and queues than Greece. As a true goodbye to summer, we'll set sail on a traditional Turkish vessel called a 'gulet'. You'll have a chef on board, and make some epic stops along the way- google Gobun Bay - Turkey and tell me you don't want to be sat at the hull with your new group of friends having a sunset cocktail.  

At SurfYogaBeer, we plan the itinerary - from the accommodations, restaurants, workouts, hikes, yoga sessions, to happy hours and party themes, All you have to do is book the flight + show up.