Why Fewer Men Travel And Why More Men Should


235 million Tourists. That’s the estimated number of people who traveled internationally in the first three months of 2023, more than double the amount during the same period last year. That’s a lot of packed suitcases, stamped passports, and memories made, but who are the people traveling that we’re a little envious of? 

Shockingly (or not), most research findings suggest that women are traveling the most, with one travel operator sharing women support 67% of their business. Solo, with friends, or with group travel companies, the ladies are continuing to challenge societal norms and support the tourism industry. It might not come as a surprise that approximately 80% of travel decisions are made by women too! This means that regardless of who books the trip (excluding travel advisors), where they go, and who joins them, women are dominating the travel industry, proving Beyonce’s “Who Run The World, GIRLS” to be pretty accurate. 


So, gents, whatcha doin?! Ask any female why many of their trips are primarily women, and you’ll hear endless theories. Men are skeptical of (group) travel, it’s a money thing, they don’t want to plan or know where to start, work responsibilities, and the list goes on. Of course, this isn’t a battle of the sexes, and many variables could impact why fewer men tend to travel, but we're here to unwrap all the reasons they should instead.

Escape Routine 

Regardless of your job or whatever is happening in life, we all need breaks, and you weren’t given that PTO for nothing. Use it! You don’t want to look back at 95 and kick yourself for not doing that thing or taking that trip. Picture yourself driving an ATV through the desert, jumping from a cliff into the Mediterranean, or kicking back with a cold beverage and simply taking it in. Or live it by booking that adventure right now. Greece or Iceland, anyone?

Adrian, 38, shares, “At first, I didn’t travel primarily because of ignorance. I was more focused on my life and didn’t think much about the experiences the rest of the world had to offer. I regret not having traveled more than I did sooner because my travel experiences have been some of the most valuable of my life.”

Find Adventure

Adventure is whatever you want or need it to be, but it can be so much more exciting when it includes stepping into unexplored territory. Happy hours and your Wednesday after-work fitness classes are fun, but ask yourself, when’s the last time you felt a sense of thrill or exhilaration or laid your eyes on a new landscape for the first time? If nothing comes to mind within a few seconds, it might be time to seek adventure, and pre-planned, action-packed itineraries with SurfYogaBeer are a great starting point.

“Travel helps to encourage a sense of adventure that I feel is missing in modern life. It’s that quest of it all. That you’re doing something you’ve never done before, exposing yourself to something new. It’s the most mind-broadening thing there is. You go and experience things outside of your bubble. It’s a challenge to one’s self, and as competitive beings, some men might thrive in that.” - Dylan 34.

Explore Your Masculinity

Aaron, 26, talks about how “traveling teaches you empathy for others and gives you a better understanding of the world at large, something many men struggle with due to emotional immaturity since society doesn’t ask or challenge men to mature emotionally.”

All of our emotional landscapes are wide and can’t be neglected. Stereotypes would suggest that some men are uninterested in introspection and meeting people outside of their intramural basketball team, but we know that all (hu)mans are not the same, and stereotypes don’t apply to you. Exploring the depths of your masculinity can mean being open about emotional, mental, or physical health, which is why travel, especially group travel, can be beneficial. Challenge yourself to take a step outside your masculinity comfort zone. You might like what you find there.

New Connections

Push the gender norms aside that society has placed on us since we first popped into this world because they are not entirely accurate. Psychology Today says, “Men have often reported having fewer friends and connections to rely on, with 15% saying they have no close friends at all. Yet, when surveyed, men often report wanting more fulfilling relationships.”

It might sound cliche to think about leaving your bubble to make new connections, but thinking in that way could lead you to them. And these connections can be more than platonic, bromantic, or romantic; they can be connections to yourself that might shift you away from mundane routines and cyclical thoughts.

Dylan, 34, shares that “the relationships and bonds you make outside your everyday life are magical. They allow you to be your authentic self. I treated myself to the SurfYogaBeer's Nicaragua New Year’s Eve trip in 2022, and I left feeling worthy and reconnected to myself.”

Think of travel as an investment. An investment in personal development, new perspectives, and connections that might only come alive on the other side of a planned trip. The people you will meet are probably making similar investments and are asking many of the same questions you have been pondering. A mindset like this might help you find a connection to your purpose or help you overcome something you’ve been stuck on mentally or emotionally. Ultimately, we all seek connection, and an investment in yourself will always result in the best assets. 

Level Up Your Wellness Habits

It’s easy to fall victim to routine and become comfortable living with what comes of that. Predictability and stagnance are two words that come to mind, but traveling can help free you from that. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, “trying different forms of wellness you wouldn’t otherwise do at home like yoga, meditation, or breathwork are a few reasons men should travel.” - Shane, ageless. 

F*ck Traditional Norms

Mad Men isn’t modern reality; you aren’t living only to get an annual 3% salary increase and to bring home the bacon. Dan, 35, shares that “traditional and outdated gender roles where men were encouraged to go to work and focus on their career to eventually support a family shouldn’t hold men back from traveling. Perhaps the outdated roles for women (which have thankfully evolved) have been allowing more flexibility in how society believes women are “supposed” to spend their time as opposed to men.”

Yes, careers, adult responsibilities, and retirement savings are important, but what’s the point if you’re only focused on the future and what's expected and not rewarding yourself for your hard work?

Andrew, 37, adds, “I wish I did it more in my twenties when there wasn’t as much self-imposed pressure to settle down and buy a house.”

Because You Want to

Simply put, if you’ve wanted to travel, there’s always a way to make it happen. If your friends won’t join you, go it alone or join a group travel trip and make new friends there like Adrian, 38, who shares that “Going somewhere I always dreamed of visiting made it real that anything I want to do can be a reality and I can thrive in an environment on my own,” when referencing his first SurfYogaBeer trip to Ibiza in 2022.

There will always be more work to do, whether you wait to take the trip later or do it now. Finances can be replenished, but time cannot. 

So guys (or anyone), challenge those societal expectations and stereotypes and, more importantly, challenge yourself. Be the one who books the trip solo or takes the lead on making the travel plans. Whether you do it for a new Hinge profile picture, to experience a new culture, or take advantage of your PTO, do it. Life is happening right this second, and you can’t scroll backward for a redo. There are many reasons to postpone traveling or not do it at all, but for every reason not to, there are infinite reasons why you should. 

And, if you’re unsure where to start, or don’t know how, click here to explore how to get started on your travel adventure with SurfYogaBeer.