Island Hopping around the Philippines: The SurfYogaBeer Way


There are few untouched paradises left, and Palawan is one of them. It’s you, a handful of beach huts, and not much else, but that is also part of its magic. Some real Robinson Crusoe vibes, minus being stranded for three decades. 

We’ve hosted trips island hopping around the Philippines since 2019, so we’ve got you covered with little tips n tricks. For starters, we rec throwing some water shoes in your luggage just in case. The spiky sea creatures down here don’t play. The rest, we’ll teach you along the way. It’s all a part of the adventure.  

SYB Philippines

Ticket to paradise:

We start our adventure in El Nido, located in the stunning Bacuit bay, with a night to get acclimated, take a dip in the crystal ocean, meet your new travel BFFs, and grab supplies. Then we hit the waters. All aboard our traditional Filipino sailing boat as we follow the tides where they lead. We’ll travel from beach to beach to explore sexy secluded spots, snorkel around shipwrecks with some fishy friends, and figure out 500 different ways to eat a coconut. We’ll also check out some of the local life while we explore nearby fishing towns and a self-sustainable farm community. Whole Foods could never. Our trip takes us all around Palawan and up to Coron on Busuanga island before heading home from Manila.

You can, of course, expect usual daily SYB activities, from sweaty workouts to family meals to a few beers. And after some inevitable booty poppin’ on the boats, we’ll stretch our muscles and find our zen. There is no better place in the world to practice yoga than in front of an incredible island sunset. You’ll be hitting the bed hard every night as the sound of the ocean puts you right to sleep. 

SYB Philippines

Time to put up that OOO message:

Ever wished you could throw your phone in the ocean and not have to deal with anything back home? Well, put that baby on DND because Palawan is so remote that cell service is minimal, and there’s definitely no WiFi. It’s an all-out electronics detox. This is where the life-changing memories begin. 

Without constant Insta scrolling, you can expect to live a little more in the moment and maybe have a chance to nap in a hammock. That also means there’s even more time for getting whipped into shape. It wouldn’t be an SYB trip without everyone crushing daily beach bootycamps. Trust us; you’ve never done a workout with this background before. It’s truly one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and we're the only ones there, so no one will see if you actually finish that hundredth sit-up. 

SYB Philippines

When was the last time you went a day without checking your phone? New Year's resolution, anybody? We challenge you to disconnect to reconnect and see how much lighter you feel. This island paradise allows you to take a step back from reality and create moments you’ll share around the dinner table for years to come. How does February 19-26, 2023, sound? Come away with us. We’ll see you on the waters.