Traveling Solo Next Year? Where You Should Go & Why


2022 was a kickass year for travel. We hit the roads, seas, and skies, full send. We caught waves in Nicaragua, ATV’d through the deserts of Morocco, sang The Lion King soundtrack with actual lions, and sipped a few spritzes watching an Amalfi coast sunset. And next year, we’re doing it all over again. Thinking of adventuring solo in 2023? It’s time to throw caution to the wind and explore this beautiful world.

How many of us make the same New Year’s resolutions every year and end up saying F this by February? We’re past settling for small things; it’s time to go big. We’re becoming the version of ourselves that we really want to be, and that takes the courage to jump in with both feet. If you’ve found your way to this post, there’s a part of you that’s screaming, “LET’S GO.” We’re giving you the permission to do just that. It’s the scary things that change your life. Some of our favorite stories come from putting ourselves out there in unusual situations, meeting new people, and experiencing life like we wouldn't in our bubble at home. Make 2023 a year for the books in three countries where you will find the adventure of a lifetime. 

SYB Iceland


It’s time to check off that bucky. If you try to tell us a safari through the savannahs of Kenya isn’t on your list, we probably won’t believe you. This might not be an obvious first choice for adventures for solo travelers, but we beg to differ. Since you most likely aren’t venturing out to frolic with the lions all on your lonesome, you’ll be grouped with other travelers for daily drives by experienced park rangers. AKA, your new built-in exploration besties. This country is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, from vast grasslands of roaming wildebeests to lakes with a mega-flock of pink flamingos chillin’ in the blue water. After experiencing untouched nature, seeing the place that inspired one of our all-time fav Disney movies, and riding air balloons through the pink skies of sunrise, you’ll truly come away with a new appreciation for how vast and incredible this world is. What we’re saying is if Simba went on a solo adventure in Kenya and had the time of his life, so can you. 

SYB Kenya


Get ready to have your mind blown. Iceland has really made a name for itself for those who are looking for a true adventure, and solo travelers are finding everything they could have dreamed of here. One day of exploring can take you from black sand beaches to bubbling hot springs to rolling green fields filled with majestic mini horses. It's an incredibly safe destination with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and remote enough that you won't be overrun by college kids on their school break. Imagine how calming it is to sit in silence and fill your mind with peace when surrounded by open air, grand waterfalls with rushing water, and magnificent landscapes that you have to see to believe. You’ll breathe in some of the cleanest air of your life and sip on the freshest spring waters. It’s one big, relaxing “Ahhh.” Our hot take: ditch the vehicles and lace up your sneakers. 

SYB Iceland


We’re talking bigger than viral Cappadocia here. Yeah, those hot air balloons are pretty cool, we can’t lie, but there’s more to this country than getting up at 4am to beat the crowds for that one Insta pic. Until you’ve experienced the coast of Turkey, you truly haven’t seen anything. Those who know, know, but even in the craze of the high season, you can still find corners of peace. Who needs the packed streets of Santorini when Turkey has the same dreamy vibes with a fraction of the tourist numbers? You’ll get your fix of Mediterranean life with fresh food from local street markets, buzzy seaside bars, and sunsets over the Aegean, all without fighting off everyone and their mother. Rental cars are hella cheap to drive up and down the coast, or you can hit the high seas with a local boat tour company. For solo travelers looking to focus on wellness, you know that a country home to hundreds of ancient healing centers and the famous Turkish baths has got it down to a T. 

SYB Croatia

We love taking time alone to regroup and recenter and adventuring on your own is one of the best ways to come back to yourself. However, traveling solo doesn't have to mean you're always alone. There are whole networks of solo travelers with the same vibe and view on life that you can connect with and awesome companies that create these experiences for you. Most people who join our group trips come alone, and we encourage you to do the same. Not only will you find a place you can truly be yourself, but you will create friendships that last for years after the adventure ends. And the smiling, familiar faces are what make your second, third, or tenth trip even more special. Time is ticking, and life waits for no one. So pick your fav destination, pack your suitcase, and come make memories of a lifetime with us in 2023