Kenya - The Honeymoon Destination For Solo Travelers


This blog is dedicated to every person who has ever held themselves back from taking a trip because going solo was too much to consider or they thought, “That would be a great honeymoon destination in the future.” Well, every destination you’ve dreamed about visiting is waiting for you to arrive. The secret? You don’t need to have gotten married to enter. You are the honey, and the time is now. With so many gorgeous “once in a lifetime” destinations to visit, let’s shift the traditional honeymoon mindset to a honeMEmoon mindset. You owe it to yourself for being the hardworking and independent badass person you are, and you deserve to take that trip sooner rather than later. Through SYB, there are several lux destinations to explore, and next up is Kenya because there’s nothing more lavish than treating yourself to an African safari with a group of other badass travelers. 

Why Kenya as a solo traveler?

Traveling to Africa may seem daunting, given the distance, reports of safety concerns in the news, or figuring out how to get around in a country that, depending on where you’re from, drives on the other side of the road! The thing about these tired justifications is that they apply to almost anywhere in the world, and it’s all the more reason to book a group travel trip and let SYB handle the details. In other words, let us plan your solo honeymoon! Tina, US, shares, 

“At the start of 2023, my New Year's resolution was to go on a trip for myself. Often, we get caught up in what we have to do or what we think we’re supposed to be doing versus what we actually want to do with our time. Signing up for SYB Kenya was just that. A little something for myself. I went in solo, which was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I met 20+ strangers who became close friends, explored a country on the other side of the world, and immersed myself in Kenyan culture. The trip was unforgettable, and even though it was only a week-long, it brought me a community of like-minded people, memories to last a lifetime, and a greater sense of self.”

On #SYBKenya, most of the work on your side ends with booking your roundtrip flights, meaning there’s a lot you don’t have to think about other than getting excited about what Kenya has in store for you. Take a look at some of the inclusions:

  • All Accommodations
  • 6 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches, 6 Dinners
  • Dinner at Hemingways Nairobi
  • All Transportation (during the duration of the trip)
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Local English-speaking guide
  • All park fees and government taxes
  • 4X4 safaris
  • Mountain Biking at Hell’s Gate National Park
  • Cultural Visit to Masai Village
  • Lake Naivasha Boat Ride (Think Hippos!)
  • Karen Blixen Museum
  • Giraffe Centre
  • Nairobi Animal Orphanage
  • Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage
  • Trail Run The Nairobi Arboretum

Highlights for #SYBKenya

With so many can’t miss spots in Kenya, it’s hard to contain excitement about how truly incredible each highlight is, but best believe you are in for an awe-inducing experience. Besides the unbelievable wildlife and terrain you’ll see, you’ll have the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your regularly scheduled programming and sink into the breathtaking experience that is Kenya.

Sara, US, adds, “I’m an avid solo traveler, but it was so nice to have the logistics and experiences planned for me. From seeing animals up close and personal to the unparalleled beauty of the Masai Mara, I met an incredible group of people and had an amazing experience I’ll never forget.”

🚵We probably don’t need to explain this upgrade, but on this adventure, you’ll be trading in your Citi Bike for a mountain biking safari. No doubt the views will be better! As we enter Hell’s Gate National Park, you’ll explore the vast landscape and the wildlife surrounding it, and to top it off, you’ll be doing it with your new friends!

🦛If you loved the game Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid, get excited to see those guys IRL. On a visit to Crescent Island, you’ll hop on a boat to visit some wildlife, and you might just get to witness some hippos living their best lives in Kenya while you simultaneously do the same.

🎈On #SYBKenya, we’re taking things to new heights on a hot air balloon through the sky in the Masai Mara. As the sun rises, so will you, and the views from here are unreal. As you float above the African plains, inhale the cool, crisp air as you take in the raw beauty of elephants grazing and giraffes trekking below. Enjoy these moments of quiet solitude from up above because, wow, this is pure nature at its finest. 

A honeymoon for you

If you ask Merriam-Webster what the definition of a honeymoon is, it’ll tell you it’s a period of time to connect following a marriage or a pleasant period after the start of something like a relationship. Regardless of marital status, we argue that you deserve that same time away to enjoy the lavish, romantic, and breathtaking experiences couples might have on a honeymoon, but for yourself! Call it a little treat or your own personal honeymoon; just know you don’t need to wait for future you or that special someone to book that trip because time-old traditions have told you that’s the thing to do. There’s no rule book that says a honeymoon can only be taken with a significant other, and as far as we’re concerned, you are that special someone. Our relationships with ourselves are everything, and we each need time to connect with ourselves, nature, and other awesome people. It’s called self-care, and we’re worth it. 

#SYBKenya is just one of many honeymoon destinations for solo travelers. Adventure, indulgence, views, and pinch-me moments of “WOW” are bound to have you question why you didn’t book the trip sooner. Once you’ve experienced the magic of Kenya, it’ll have you singing Toto’s iconic Africa verse on repeat, “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you,” as you won’t want to board that flight home. It’s time to redefine what a honeymoon is, who it’s for, and our argument? It’s for everyone. #SYBKenya is waiting for you.