Knockout Pick-Up Lines


Don’t have a Valentine yet? Don’t sweat it! We pulled together our top one-liners to use on that babe you’ve been eyeing across the gym. While the flowers and chocolates aren’t guaranteed, the fun is. Go get ’em, tiger. You’re welcome.

  1. Hey baby, HIIT me up after class. 

  2. Do you need a Band-Aid? Because you’re cut. 

  3. Have you been to Shadowbox? Because you’re one hell of a knockout. 

  4. Want to share a sweat towel? 

  5. Boyfriend bike?! #rideordie

  6. Let us go on the treadmill for a long romantic walk. 

  7. Let’s race. Loser plans our first date. 

  8. I’d do tread 12.5 to get to you. #Barrys

  9. Let's do lunge. 

  10. Mantas' SoulCycle class isn't the only thing getting my heart rate up. 

  11. Are you looking for a thirst trap because I’ve got a six-pack right here. 

  12. Have you been to MNDFL? Because you've been on my mind all day. 

  13. Nice arms. Are you biceptual? 

  14. There's nothing humble about my warrior. 

  15. Should we try Fhitting together? 

  16. I know a fun activity that burns 500 calories in 45min...

  17.  I’m gonna have my whey with you tonight! 

  18. Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But tomorrow's chest day. So spot me maybe. 

  19. I'm gonna get you like Akin's class at noon on Monday. 

  20. Am I too flexy for my shirt? 

  21. Do you believe in love at 1st squat? 

  22. Mile High [whisper: Run] Club? 

  23. You should probably leave. You’re making the other guys look bad. 

  24. Me without you is like Y7 without hip-hop. 

  25. My trainer said I have to come over and talk to you for five minutes as part of my routine. 

  26. Is that a Fitbit in your pocket or are you just excited to walk over to me?