This edition of our NYC FIT Series features Mantas Zvinas. Originally hailing from the sunny beaches of Southern California, Mantas is a 10-year open water lifeguard veteran & has travelled the world as a surf instructor. Mantas is most passionate about creating habits in people that lead to longer, healthier, and more positive lives. Mantas is the founder of Surf Yoga Beer a fitness adventure company that hosts fitness classes and events in New York City and San Diego, but mainly takes groups of amazing like minded people to magical places around the world. With an extensive yoga background, he has taken his fitness teachings to SoulCycle where his classes create a balance of ‘party of the year’, ‘personal coaching`’  and ‘what day is it and where am I?’ Book the ride & see for yourself! Ultimately Mantas will get you to break a sweat and have fun doing it.

PS: Thank you Mantas for hanging out with us!  You live such an active lifestyle.  What’s your fitness philosophy?

MZ:  My philosophy is to treat exercise like recess, where having fun is the first thing on the agenda. I believe that by putting fun first, you lose yourself in the process and end up creating a habit where the results come effortlessly.

PS: Tell us a bit about Surf Yoga Beer.  What are some upcoming trips that you’re stoked about? 

MZ: It is all about combining the best things in life; mother nature, endorphins and new friends. We lead fitness adventures to places like Nicaragua, Italy, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Honduras, to name a few. We have a ski trip coming up in Colorado that we are looking forward too. We also lead local events in the area, like surfing at Rockaway beach, as well as a Rosè Run Club in the summer and weekly BootYcamp classes in NYC, followed by a no shower happy hour. All of our adventures and events are designed to create and foster some of the closest relationships you’ll find!

PS: We know you are a big fan of Paragon. What are your favorite sections to shop?

MZ: I love Paragon, you can find me at the swimsuit section trying to find my next short-shorts to wear on our tropical destinations. I try not to wear shirts on SYB adventures!

PS: Can you let us in on some of your day to day must haves for your busy city life and wild adventures?

MZ: I break a sweat multiple times a day and so having clean clothes is numero uno. You better believe I'm always hungry, so I've got snacks on snacks on me at all times. And lastly, I always have my computer, which makes all the magic happen.

PS: Do you have any packing and traveling tips you can share with us?

MZ: My favorite philosophy on traveling is to pack lightly. But that means you'd better have the best quality of the product to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

PS: We had a great time with you and your fearless style! One last thing before we let you go... I think we need to address the elephant in the room…. Your Abs! What’s the deal? How can we get those?!

MZ: Abs are made with consistency, in other words, 'don't stop, get it get it'


SurfYogaBeer has a partnership with Paragon Sports, everyone who books adventures receives discount codes.