Roatan Retreat Poem | Atwood Schubauer


We came down to Roatan

And now we are through

So if you've missed anything

Here's a quick review


There is actually no surfing

Just boot camps galore

Out on the beach

With sand as a floor


A swimming race early

Was complete in a flash

Sit-ups on the beach

Complete with a rash


A six hour boat ride

In swells and high seas

With Mantas the captain

Sailing with ease


Some have praised animals

And are grateful for pandas

We're all following the lead

Of the mighty man mantas


JP swallows hot dogs

Without an ounce of fear

And faces off to drink

Against a fearless Samir


Mark has us working hard

To shape, lean and tone

And after dark we help Kylie

Track down her phone


Eddie's food is amazing

We're full and we're fed

Some of us tanned

And some of us just red


There have been dancers with fire

And love from monkeys and sloths

Discussions of ninja warriors

Mediations with coughs


Dinner on the boat

Was complete with kebab

After an extensive session

On the papalampa blob


Sunset cruises

With the man we called "Chip"

Made all the better

By his top deck flip


This has gone on too long

That's surely clear

So here's to a week


Callie, Atwood and Ally enjoying a beer while watching people get 'blobbed' into the water...

Atwood Schubauer works in Finance in NYC. She resides in the West Village and is originally from Cold Spring Harbor, NY. She was a member of the women's soccer team at Georgetown, her lucku number is 18, and her favorite food in the whole world is popcorn. She wrote this poem while laying out on a float on Little French Key while in Honduras!