The Best Time to Travel to Nicaragua


The good news? There really isn’t a bad time to explore this beautiful Central American country. Weather can differ between the Pacific and the Caribbean sides, but there are generally two main seasons: summer, the dry season, and winter, the rainy season. On the Pacific side, summer tends to run from November to April (perfect for when you’re sick of that snow), with the rain picking up significantly during May. September and October are the heaviest months for downpours, so beaches and surfing are best avoided. Lush, green jungle trekking, though…unbeatable. The Caribbean side experiences more frequent rain, with a shorter dry season from March to May. It’s important to note that prices are higher and places are more crowded during the summer months, but luckily for us, Nicaragua is still a fairly undiscovered tourism gem. So even during the peak weather season, you’ll be able to experience a relatively peaceful time. 

SYB Nicaragua

For surfer bros: 

Surf’s up year-round, dudes. No matter your level, you can find ride-ready waves around the country any month of the year. Beginners are likelier to enjoy smaller swells during the dry season, particularly in January and February. If you’re a little more advanced, the wet season from April onwards produces larger and more powerful waves and less crowded beaches as the months go on. Ideal conditions for advanced surfers are usually between May and August, especially in Southern Nicaragua.  

For beach bums: 

As long as you don’t mind a few more tourists, the best time to get your tan on is during the dry season, from November to April. The hottest months of the year are April and May. However, temps can get up to past 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you prefer not to boil alive on the beach, your best bet is to hit the sand from December to March. 

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For naturists: 

The jungle vibes are popping during the rainy season. Hiking may be a little treacherous in the heavy rain months, but you’re apt to get some beautiful greenery. Trees are not as lush during the dry summer months, but this time is ideal for wildlife spotting if your goal is to make a new monkey friend. 

For yogis: 

Is there ever really a bad time for a restorative yoga retreat in Nicaragua? We’re gonna go with no. Whether you’re getting your flow on while listening to the sounds of the ocean during the summer or the tropical rain falling in the winter, it’s all part of the ultimate zen.  

SYB Nicaragua

Not to brag, but SurfYogaBeer has perfected the itinerary (if we do say so ourselves), with trips to our OG destination falling between the end of November to mid-March. It’s sunshine, yoga poses, ocean waves, and tequila shots on the beach vibes every day. Join us. We could all use a little bit of that in our lives.