Traveling to Nicaragua


SurfYogaBeer knows Nicaragua. We've been hosting trips to the beautiful Playa Maderas near San Juan Del Sur since 2015. Wondering how to get to Nicaragua? We've got you. Here's the breakdown of everything you need to know to ace your arrival and get the party started ASAP.

1. Booking That Flight

You've got options here. Managua (MGA) is Nicaragua's international airport, but flying into Costa Rica can be a huge money and hassle saver. We recommend hitting the Liberia (LIR) airport since flights are frequent and direct from most major cities like NYC and Boston. 

2. Pre-trip Testing Reqs

If you fly into Costa Rica, all you need is to show your vax card at the airport and fill out an online health form. Nicaragua requires a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arrival at the Managua airport or land border. Make sure you get a lab PCR and not a rapid antigen test. You can also fill out and print the Nica health form for a smoother border crossing. 

3. Border Patrol 

You can get to Playa Maderas by either taking a 2.5-hour drive straight from Managua or grabbing a taxi from the Liberia airport (we use the awesome drivers from Travel Lopez or Friends Tours Nicaragua, make sure to bring about $140 in cash) for a little more than an hour's drive to the Nicaragua border. Stop in at the Costa Rica border patrol building for a stamp, then walk 5 minutes across to the Nicaragua side. Hot tip: You can pay $5 to have dudes on bikes take your luggage across if you don't feel like dragging it over. Show your passport and neg PCR test at Nicaragua border patrol, bring some cash for a $13 entry fee, and you'll be on your way. All in all, crossing the border should take about 20-30 minutes, but be prepared to wait a little longer if you come on a weekend. Hot tip: pay an extra dollar to cut the line if it's too long. Meet your new taxi driver on the other side, and finish the trip with a beautiful hour's drive to Playa Maderas. We promise when you get here, you'll know why the trek was worth it.

Would you rather spend your workdays staring at your living room walls or watching surfers shred waves and getting your tan on while you bust out work? Now that you know exactly how to get here, we can't wait for you to join one of our future adventures. And as our fearless leader always says, "don't think, just do." So what are you waiting for? We'll see you in Nica.