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Are you looking for a destination with beautiful architecture, rich culture, unreal food (and wine), and a coastline that could give other European countries a run for their money? Spain who? Welcome to Portugal.


A Splash of Color

Portuguese architecture is famous for its bold colors, bright red roofs, and handpainted artisan tiles called azulejos. While an earthquake in 1755 damaged most of Lisbon, Portugal as a whole escaped much of the WWII bombings, therefore preserving its architecture styles from all different periods of history. You can’t turn a corner without finding an Insta ready backdrop.

Flying Coast to Coast

We’re here to put Portugal on the map for INSANE coastal locations. With 1,700 kilometers of coastline, this country isn’t playing around. From the stunning Algarve in the south to the islands of the Azores, get ready for high jagged cliffs and bright blue water. We think a little trip to a Portuguese seaside town is calling your name.

Wine Not?

Need something to wash down that pastel de nata with? Good thing you’re in the land of wine. Head up to the famous (and breathtaking) Douro Valley in the north for port straight from the source and a glass of refreshing vinho verde, which translates to “green wine.” No, it’s not actually green, but it sounds cool nonetheless. Hop on on the vinho verde train early because this one’s going to blow up.

Fit for a King

Portugal is home to over 150 castles, many of which are still accessible today as museums. Or if you’re really trying to live like a 12th century royal, you can stay in castles that have been converted to hotels. One of the most famous castles in Portugal to gawk at is the Palacio Nacional da Pena in Sintra, and we’re pretty sure you can tell why by the pic. This stop is a must-do on any Portugal itinerary.


Off Roading

A few beers



Disco Parties

Beach Babes

Biking with a view

Wine Tasting

Fresh Eats

Castle Workouts


Dance Parties

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Belly laughing our way through Portugal 🇵🇹...Obrigado @surfyogabeer and all of the special souls who experienced this magic and all of these laughs with me.


#tbt to the time that I had these tired, yet excited eyes because I opted for no sleep for 7 days straight, just so I could soak up every single second of this place with these amazing humans. •And #tbt to the time when I was @martin.straschnoy’s muse for the week, being captured by and seen through both his and @kenfrancisphotos insanely talented lens while frolicking around Portugal. Thank you both for being such rockstars with your cameras and your hearts. Love you both. •Can’t wait to see some of my Portugal crew tonight and cannot flipping with for @martin.straschnoy to arrive on my bday in a few weeks!!! Love to all of you.


✨ It’s been two weeks since we came back from Portugal and I still can’t stop thinking about my @surfyogabeer trip 💗
I am so freaking happy I said YES and booked this trip (thanks to a major push from @whatleahloves 😘) 👉🏻 don’t get me wrong every moment wasn’t pure laughter and Portugal perfection 🤦‍♀️ but ultimately it was oh so worth it for the people I met and what I got to experience.


This is the true story, of forty strangers, picked to live in a castle... #sybportugal


Dreams... aspirations... bucket list ideas... whatever you call them... they do come true!!! I’ve always wanted to touch the clouds. Literally. Wanted to know what it felt like to run my hands and fingers through one. To feel it against my skin. Today in the Sintra mountains 530 meters above sea level it came true. Words can not explain how happy it made me... but thank you @martin.straschnoy for capturing this amazing moment that I can cherish. Thank you for having my back and helping me so much on this trip!! I truly would not be able to have captured as much as I have without your help, your kind words and your attention to detail. You are my real #SYBPortugal MVP!!! I hope I’m fortunate enough to work with you again very soon. ☁️🙏🏽


#FBF to an INCREDIBLE trip to Portugal with @surfyogabeer .

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This will probably be the Amalfi Coast. Nothing rejuvenates the soul like washing down plates of fresh pasta with local limoncello and floating in the clear waters of Capri.
For sure Sayulita. Between squats we’ll hydrate with shots. Workout, tan, workout, tequila, workout, pass out. You’ll come home stronger and get compliments on your sexy tan and super toned arms.
Hands down this has to be our OG trip - Nicaragua! IT IS Surf Yoga Beer!.
We're all about letting loose and not taking life too seriously, we respect choice and there's no pressure to drink if you don't want to.