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SYB is committed to giving back and honoring those who do good in their communities. Our nonprofit, SYBeInspired, is dedicated to healthcare professionals experiencing caregiver burn-out on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19. Periodically throughout the year we offer spots on our trips to those who could use a very human to human experience and connection.

With the help of our fundraisers we've already sent two healthcare workers to Nicaragua on our March 2022 trip. Read more on the huge success on their blog post HERE. With that success we've decided to continue with sending two winners on our ICELAND JULY 2022 trip (flights included, although this just means we’ll be tying you to the plane’s wings. Good luck. Just kidding, the games and adventures don’t begin until we land)! 


Free Iceland Trip


July 11-16, 2022


All Levels Welcome


If you've been on a trip with us, you've seen the magic of friendship through fitness games, bonding through surf wipeouts, and of course, long nights of deep conversations (and dancing) with the help of a little liquid courage. We've been TOO inside the past couple of years...the world is too big to not step out of your apartment, life is too short not to enjoy its magic, and there are way too many amazing people to meet in this lifetime, sooooo let's chase that.

To be honest, it won't matter which trip you sign up for- the best part is not where you go but who you go with. The relationships you build with those on the trip with you is gonna change your life more than that waterfall, beach or historic church you see... but that waterfall is sick tho.. so learn more about the upcoming Iceland trip here:


Apply for yourself or a friend you think could use this trip.

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TBA for the next event.

COVID-19 changed our world in more negative ways than we can fathom while also demonstrating the power of everyday heroes. Our healthcare workers are as close to real-life superheroes as we can get, but that doesn't mean that the year hasn't been hard on them. Essential workers have experienced increased rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and overall burn-out, which is why SYBeInspired Foundation is hosting various charity events to send two healthcare professionals to SYB Iceland from July 11-16, 2022.

 SurfYogaBeer is a rare place, one where you can better yourself and those around you through friends, fitness, and, of course, fun.

You can simply donate below. Any and every amount adds up and directly goes towards someone to attend these adventures. With any inquires please email

Change someone’s life & donate today.


FAQs & Eligibility requirements

A facetime interview required for all applicants

After you apply we will contact you for a quick interview.

Must have a valid passport

Please be sure you are allowed to exit and enter the country we are visiting.

Negative COVID test within 72 hours of trip start

Please for the safety of the whole group this is a must! 

What's Included

Along with the free SYB trip and all that is included with it, winners will receive an economy flight from nearest international airport to our destination. 




SYBeInspired Gives Back to Healthcare Heroes

March 2020. All of our lives changed forever. We started working double shifts in the ER and ICU, coming home with ulcers on our noses from extended mask usage, exhausted beyond comprehension, completely isolated from everything we knew and loved, and only able to connect with friends and family via Zoom or Facetime.


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SYBeInspired Foundation charity fundraiser at @soulcycle 🙏🏻 So much ❤️ for #SYB fighting the good fight against cancer and offering free retreats for #CancerWarriors in April and October! (More info at 🏄🏻‍♂️ #SYBeInspired #SurfYogaBeer #SYB #FuckCancer #SoulCycle


We’re throwing a PINK party! Just wash your red Santa suit with your summer white jeans and you’re ready! We’re also having a raffle with proceeds going to our SYBabe Steph Wachtel to fight breast cancer!
We start 8pm, raffle announcement 10:30pm, sexy drink specials and even sexier people! ☑️ FREE RSVP on our website

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