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July 25-29, 2018 *Registration Opens March 25th

Get ready to run, breathe and see things you’ve yet to imagine! Puffins and gnomes and wild horses and epic waterfalls, oh my! If you’re a serious runner or a semi-serious runner ready to reach the next level, this is the excursion of a lifetime as you’ll have the chance to zoom alongside and through landscapes that are truly out of this world, logging between 7-10 miles each day.

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7/25 -7/29 

(4 Sleeps)


Inga Fanny

Mantas Zvinas

Carolina Hernandez


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ADVANCED PRICING: If you book March 25th - April 1st, we will send you a discount code of $300 towards your full payment.


Keflavík International Airport (KEF)




Monday: Arrive at Reykjavik Thursday August 2nd morning, we'll be exploring the town, having lunch, a guided tour, wait till everyone meets up. Late afternoon we drive to our SYB Iceland Home located about an hour and a half away. 

Tuesday: Run from Landmannahellir to Landmannalaugar nature reserve. The route is up and down but the landscape of colorful mountains, lakes, moss, lava fields, etc. Upon arrival at Landmannalaugar we soak in a natural hot spring before heading to our new home - a hut in the middle of nowhere for one night (we pack a bag to bring with us for the one night, but leave our main luggage at the house). 

Wednesday: We drive from Landmannalaugar to Eldgja, run around there, it is a long crate and our run starts with running the inside crater to a waterfall (the "unpassable river waterfall") and up on to the edge of the crater. Afterwards we drive back to our SYB Iceland Home. 

Thursday: We run the highlights of Porsmork nature reserve. Afterwards back to the SYB Iceland Home for a night of restorative yoga, meditation, hot tub, camp fire and a delicious meal together as a family. 

Friday: We drive over to hike the Fimmvorouhals to hike the pass between two glaciers down to Skogafoss waterfall where transporation will be waiting to take us back to our SYB Iceland house for our last night celebrating our accomplishments! 

Saturday: We drive to Reykjavik to explore the town, have lunch, then catch our late afternoon flight back to NYC. 



INGA FANNY | Run expert of Iceland who will be leading through an unseen exotic place.

INGA FANNY | Run expert of Iceland who will be leading through an unseen exotic place.

MANTAS ZVINAS | Run your icicles off.

MANTAS ZVINAS | Run your icicles off.

Some Questions You Probably Have:

Where are we staying?

How do I get there? Are there flights?

Do people go solo?

Yes, in fact that is recomended. But we understand it is intimidating and hard because you feel like you don't know anyone, but trust us - it is worth it. #firststepisthehardest

Who normally goes?

There is no average person, every trip is it's own magical group. #allnewfriends

Do I have to do the Digital Detox? Is there wifi?

No wifi. #offthegrid

What is the preferred currency in Iceland? And how much should I bring?

Can I just sit back and unwind the whole time?

Yep, no questions asked, this is your trip. Although we make things really fun so just saying you might be seduced. #playtime

How soon does it fill up, and how does the waitlist work?

We fill up very quickly because of our limited amount of beds, the sooner you can book the better. The waitlist works on first come first serve. Once we contact you off the waitlist you haev 48 hours to book your spot otherwise we move on to the next person on the list.

Is there a caretaker and house keeping?

We have house keeeeeeeping.

Are the power outlets the same in Italy as in the United States?

Iceland does not have the same voltage and frequency. So you need an adapter or converter.

Do I need to bring a towel or yoga mat?

The SYB ICELAND Packing List

BOOTYCAMP BY Mantas Zvinas?

Get ready for runs up hill, planks, sweat dripping smiles and a full fun challenging fitness program by the founder himself. #sybootycamp



This is what we do, and we have created an amazing community behind it. Check out our blog, our social, our yelp, our friends, our local classes, our teachers and anyone who you've heard that went - we are here to create the best experience of your life! #surfyogabeer

from 500.00
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