5 Amalfi-Inspired Limoncello Cocktails You Have To Try


Although it is customary to drink limoncello straight-up, we’re gonna bend tradition and use this famous liqueur to take five cocktails to a whole new level. No matter where you are or what season it is, these bright and refreshing limoncello cocktails will have you feeling like you’re lounging in a bathing suit on the Amalfi coast.


The classic Tom Collins you know and love (gin, lemon juice, simple sugar, and club soda) is about to turn into the best summer drink you’ll ever have. All you have to do here is use limoncello instead of the sweetener, with just a little bit of real lemon juice to brighten it up. Food & Wine magazine recommends using Beefeater 24 gin because of its citrusy notes.


Italian for "lemon kiss," this sparkling drink is every bit as simple and refreshing as the Limoncello Collins, but has a little added sophistication that will make you feel like you belong on a yacht in Amalfi. Combine chilled prosecco, a shot (or two, your call) of limoncello, raspberries, and crushed ice in a fancy glass of your choice. 


A little lemon juice, sugar, and vodka can get you a decent lemon drop, but with the addition of limoncello, you can achieve a perfect balance of sweet and tart. If you’re feeling extra fancy, rim your martini glasses with sugar. Then, shake up some vodka, limoncello, triple sec, lemon juice and sugar over ice.


Inspired by the classic Tequila Sunrise, this limoncello drink recipe is your new go-to for day drinking. Using a liqueur instead of a spirit like tequila keeps the alcohol content low, so you can sip on these bad boys all day long. Simply combine 1 ounce of limoncello with fresh orange juice and a splash of grenadine.


You do know that Amalfi is one of Beyoncé’s go-to vacation spots right? So if you’re feeling ***Flawless, opt for this fresh take on a cosmopolitan. Shake up a shot limoncello, some lemonade (just as Bey would want) and cranberry juice, pour it over ice, top with soda water, and garnish with, you guessed it, a lemon wedge.

Join us in Amalfi this summer and our culinary expert Eddie of SALUD will be able to make these cocktails for you in the place that put limoncello on the map.

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