8 SYB Commandments | Mantas Zvinas


If you like summing up guidelines for life, here are 8 Commandments that we try to follow at SurfYogaBeer to adhere to for a more riveting life. 

1. Detox2Retox

This philosophy is in other words compared to Yin-Yang and describes how opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Work Hard, Play Hard...

2. Don't Think / Just Do

Like your first kiss, sometimes its best not to think about it and go for it. The longer you think about something, the more you will miss your opportunity. 

3. Be a Participant Not an Observer

Our lives are just a set of experiences that cannot be matched by reading a book, watching a movie, or social media stalking. Be a player on the field, experience it fully and not on someone else's Instagram. 

4. Be Grateful 

Happy people are not grateful because they are happy, they are happy because they are grateful.

5. Be Badass

Feel confident in what you do, it will translate to a positive outcomes.

6. "I. Look. Good." Remind Yourself Once a Day

Don't just wait for compliments, give them to yourself! 

7. Instincts not Thoughts 

As much as our minds can remember, our bodies remember far past our own lives. Intuition, gut feeling or instincts, whatever you call it, it remembers from generations way back, there is a reason you do things you do, trust them a little more than something you read on a blog... opps. 

8. Just the Tip

That could be all you need to really get interested, so just try it out.

Mantas Zvinas is an SYB Founding Caveman. He works as an inspirational fitness instructor in New York City.