Coast of the Gods


9 Reasons Why you Need to be in Italy this Summer

SYB is headed back for another enchanting Amalfi Coast retreat this summer, where crystal clear waters, delectable delicacies, sexy beaches and blissful boat rides await us. On-the-fence about attending? Here'snine things you'll miss out on if you pass up on this life-changing trip. 

1. Cliff Tops & Grottos 

The houses on the Amalfi Coast are literally hanging off cliff-tops, which means epic views from every corner. The SYB Villa is no different - expect breathtaking vistas from our jacuzzi and infinity pool over the Marina del Cantone, a secret beach spot where Italian locals and in-the-know travelers bask in the Italian sunshine. It's just a short walk over to the hidden Recommone bay - a gorgeous little hide away with sunbathing, chic cafés and grottos for exploring. 

2. LuxLife

The SYB Villa isn't just a house - it's a castle in the heart of Nerano, 500 meters from the ocean. But isn't real luxury about experience? Experience a place with daily maid service, high thread count sheets and event designer bathrooms, where you'll be free of all responsibilities so you can chill out, work up a sweat and explore the Italian coastline with your new SYB family. 

3. Clean & Delicious 

The food in Italy is amazing- fact. But if great abs means eating clean, won't being surrounded by delicious eats be a constant struggle? 

Not even close.  

Italy, unlike the US, doesn't allow GMOs, questionable chemicals, genetically engineered crops or additives in food. Which means food is both delicious and nutritious.

If you add fresh Italian ingredients + our chef Eddie Larios, what you get is a mind-blowing combination that will leave you completely satiated and guilt-free. So go on, have that cannoli - it's practically clean-eating in Italy.

4. Hangover-Free Wine

Italians produce low - sulfate, high-quality wine in quantity, which means you're apt to avoid post-wine headaches, even when drinking at lunchtime. We'll be making the best of that little gift from the universe by enjoying wine tastings in soil-rich volcanic regions, and celebrating our post-yoga sunsets with a little chin-chin (toast). 

5. Workouts with a View

Speaking of yoga + sunset, it's time to mention your workout views. Being in Italy means workouts aren't just visually explosive - they're also built into everyday adventures. Nothing could be more motivating for a daily run than knowing it ends with a dip in the sea; or that every bend on our half-day hike rewards you with endless ocean views. One of our previous Amalfi Coast retreat leaders, Erin Ward, said one of her favorite active-adventures was the (challenging) "Walk of the Gods." With a name like that, you owe it to yourself to see what she's talking about. 

6. Cultural Exploration

The Amalfi coast is full of ancient history, incredible architecture and artistic offerings to keep the culturally minded happy for weeks on end. From the frozen-in-time city of Pompeii to exquisite handmade ceramics, to high-end linens and handmade leather sandals sold at adorable boutiques, you'll discover the prized gems of Italian history and sought-after artisan goods in droves - just make sure you've got space in your luggage for all those souvenirs you'll be bringing home with you.  

7. Limoncello mi amor

Maybe we've gone on a bit too much about food, but you can't see Amalfi without trying some Limoncello. It's a sweet, lemony liquor that you'll be licking off your sticky lips as you taste it everywhere from chic restaurants to old-fashioned street carts. Limoncello is an Amalfi classic, and it's the perfect end to a great meal and beginning of a very fun-filled night. 

8. Capri Cliffs 

Capri is a dream-island, famed for its rugged landscape, natural beauty and doce vida lifestyle.  Itsdramatic, cove-studded coastline and underwater caves are best explored by private-boat, which of course we will be doing on our SYB Amalfi Coast retreat. If you haven't jumped off a cliff into crystalline water after lunch on a private island in Capri, you pretty much haven't lived. It's time to get that checked off your bucket list, asap. 

9. #FitFam Forever 

Like every SYB trip, we're all about bringing like-minded people together to have a great time in paradiseand creating some life long friendships. As our incredible founder Mantas once said in an interview with LALA, the best way to get results is to find friends who you can work out with for fun because sweating breaks down barriers and connects people on a whole different level. SYB is all about facilitating those friendships and growing an awesome community of people - both at home and on vacation.

Live a life with no regrets. Book your ticket to Italy today and join the SYB FitFam for a life-changing adventure in Amalfi. See you for La Doce Vida!