Eat, Explore, Love Croatia


The Way of Life in Croatia

    Where do I begin? Imagine this; you’re cruising across the beautiful, and historical, coast of Sibenik. You’re taking in the coastline views and listening to the calm waves beneath you while you’re catching fresh seafood for dinner that night. Sounds kind of like a dream, right?, well for me this was reality. Growing up as a child, this was just one of the many daily activities I looked forward to doing while visiting my native country. Whether it was spending wayyy too much time on the beach (to the point of pure exhaustion), snorkeling and exploring the ocean with friends, or scavenging the crystal clear waters looking for the perfect shells to bring home to grandma, I always felt so blessed. Being able to spend almost every single summer in Croatia has allowed me to develop a special appreciation for this beautiful place. 

The landscape of Croatia offers every part of the nature spectrum -- from the Adriatic Sea, to over (literally) 1,000 islands, to beautiful inland waterfalls, and to historic cities with unique architecture, Croatia has it all. I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to explore the ins and outs of the Croatian nature, but more than that the culture is so special. Growing up, I was able to experience the authentic Croatian lifestyle; I now know this place, its people, and the culture like the back of my hand. It has become my second home, and I am so proud of the welcoming, laidback, friendly culture that is Croatia.

Top 5 Things to Do!

1. Game of Thrones Tour

  Well, if you weren’t paying attention before you definitely are now. You will begin your journey at the Saint Lawrence Fortress, located in the front of Old Town. There you will spend about 45 minutes exploring several Red Keep scenes and, given its altitude, a variety of other filming locations. From there, you will go down into the Blackwater Bay small port, where you can see not only the battle filming location, but also where the departure of Myrcella was filmed, along with Sansa’s conversation to Littlefinger. 

2. Island Hopping

    I mean, there are over 1,000 islands in Croatia, which makes it obvious as to why Island hopping is one of Croatia’s most famous and popular activities…. Surprisingly, even locals would suggest this activity to anyone visiting; each island is unique and beautiful, which makes this experience extremely special. 

3. Cliff Diving and Blue Cave Snorkeling/Scuba

There are top 4 places to do this:

  • Beach Punta Christo 
  • Beach Punta Verudela 
  • Beach Mala Kolombarica 
  • Beach Galebove Stijene

    If you’re going to anything while in Croatia, do this. It is perfect for the adventure seeker, and definitely gets your adrenaline pumping. You will travel to your destination via boat with a tour guide. Once you arrive at your destination, your tour guide will explain the layout of the ocean / land to you, and ensure that the cliff diving and snorkeling in a way that is smooth, safe, but most importantly exciting. Trust me, this is the perfect activity for adventure, and if you want to see the true beauty of the Adriatic Sea, this is the thing to do!

4. Plitvice Lakes

    This area consists of 16 different lakes. Here, you will no doubt get that incredible insta worth picture that will have all of your followers jealous. Aside from making your followers jealous, you can also explore and swim in the various lakes. Make sure you try to find the “secret spot”. Incredible lakes, incredible vibes, and an incredible experience -- this is a definite must see. 

5. The Arena in Pula

An amphitheater in Croatia that dates back to the Roman times. Despite being built between 27 BC and 68 AD, the arena is still in pristine condition, and is beautiful. It holds important historical significance, as it is one of only 200 surviving Roman amphitheaters remaining today. This is the best preserved ancient monument in all of Croatia, and seeing it will be an unforgettable experience. 

You already know we’re coming to Croatia this August, and 3/5 top things we’re doing! Check out the itinerary to see which ones. SYB Croatia 2019