Healthy and boring, or part and fun? Or how about health, party, balance, and fun? Does life have to be one way or the other, or is the key to success actually finding the line? That line in between that is so beautiful and thin, but that has the right portion of what life is supposed to be about? What if we find that line, and then learn how to balance right there as the perfect, cool and mindful beings that we are? I believe that if you can find yourself on the line where discipline meets indulgence, spirit meets body, and healthy meets fun, then you can learn how it feels to truly live your life.

I don't think we should live our lives to the extreme in any direction. I mean, we can for a short period of time, but in the long run we find ourselves feeling at our very best when we balance somewhere right in between. Healthy doesn't have to be boring, and fun doesn't have to represent a lifestyle where you're slowly falling apart. Because if you'e constantly having to reconstruct yourself due to a excessive lifestyle, you're not (in my opinion) doing it the right way.

Balance, I believe, is listening to your body and learning how to let go and simply go with the flow. Eat food that makes you feel good, and do things that you think is fun. Be mindful and present, and try to find the right in between. 

Last night's event with Surf Yoga Beer was all about that. A Friday night spent in a room filled with awesome people, sharing an hour of sweaty yoga followed by sangria and wine, was in my opinion balance defined. The group was lead by a guru dressed in disco inspired clothing who brought nothing but good vibes, and with the right mix of spirit and laughter, I sure had a lot of fun! I'm so happy to have bumped into these inspiring characters at Surf Yoga Beer, and to be able to take part of their philosophy of balance and good vibes!!So yes, indulge in the good things in life, but know that what that actually is, is only up to you to decide. Find the balance, find your peace - now learn to let go and SMILE! Namaste,Theresa