SYB Leader Q&A: Alex Marks


How did you get involved with SurfYogaBeer?

I’m the British connection to SurfYogaBeer and got told about this rad-ass spin instructor from a friend of mine who I was living with at the time, and I was like “cool, he sounds pretty dope.”

It turned out to be this skinny little, floppy haired bro, shouting with an American accent, which was, for this British guy, quite refreshing. Mantas came over, introduced himself with a few high fives and chest bumps, and the rest is history. I was fortunate enough to go, literally as a guest, to Croatia in Summer 2019. I fell in love with the ethos, having managed and run fitness retreats across Europe. To see how SYB blended their three pillars was refreshing, because people want a vacation, but they also want to feel like they are maintaining some form of respect for their body while they’re away. They’re making memories. It’s that, with a beer in your hand, that makes SurfYogaBeer special.  

You’ve led trips across Europe before. What makes SurfYogaBeer different than those?

I’m a fitness professional through and through and have managed online clients globally and face to face. What I hear most often that my clients seek is balance. SurfYogaBeer captures that balance perfectly by finding the blend of growing internally, while also making memories on the journey. 

After having traveled to Mexico for New Years 2020/21, it’s never been more apparent that travel and meeting new people from all across the world does something more than just fill your soul. 

What is your philosophy on these trips?

Go with the flow. As cliched as this sentence is going to sound coming from a coach, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The beauty of this place is that once you’re on any SYB retreat, you’re never uncomfortable, but you’re always experiencing life to the fullest.

What is the most rewarding part of going on a SurfYogaBeer trip?

Friendships. Full stop.

What is your dream vacay?

The Philippines!

Favorite chain restaurant?

I only eat at the Ritz.

Go to karaoke song?

You Get What You Give - New Radicals!

What did you binge watch over quarantine?

The Bachelor UK 2019.*

*Note from the author, check out who this bachelor was!