Top 5 Remote Work Experiences


Remote is here to stay, so if you don’t know how to blur out your background zoom video, you’d best figure that one out fast. Unless… your background is something sexy like sunset or beach or surfers, or better yet all of those.

There a statistic floating around that 71% of Americans work remotely as opposed to only 20% pre-pandemic. You may trek to the office occasionally but for the most part, you’re in charge of where your desk resides. You’ve probably become overly comfortable working from home, your couch, even your bed, so let’s set ourselves up for something a little more epic and invigorating for 2022. 

Great, where you gonna go?

Now you’ll need reliable internet, maybe a few friends who can help you bounce ideas, a dedicated workspace and of course a zoom background that will make your co-workers talk about you all day.

We’ve made a list of the top companies providing Remote Work Experiences. But we’re gonna just tell you right now that we at SurfYogaBeer have been living this lifestyle for years, now we’re just extending the invite, Nonetheless, these are all experiences that offer community and enough wifi to get the job done!

Here are our top 5 Remote Work Experiences:


With locations in Latin America, Europe, and the United States, Selina is like WeWork Abroad, plus living arrangements. A Selina membership allows you to join nearly all of their co-living and working homes, and for an added cost, you can have wellness retreats, fitness classes, and more. Not ready to commit to traveling? Try Selina, where you can also sign up to just co-work at one of their locations rather than live as well. The community might not be that tight at Selina, but this is the place to be if you’re an independent nomad or simply bored of working at home. LEARN MORE


Get ready to see the world. With a Wifi Tribe membership, you can stay in month-long stints across the globe at a Wifi Tribe community. Each community will have a maximum of 25 guests, who, upon arrival, pick activities with their group. This is the perfect program if you’re spontaneous and don’t want a fixed itinerary. Plus, Wifi Tribe allows their members to lead training sessions for their groups, so get ready to learn something new every day. LEARN MORE


Similar to Wifi Tribe and Selina, Outsite allows members to cowork and colive at one of their worldwide locations. Outsite is perfect for someone who wants short-term stays, can fit their entire work life and wardrobe into a single suitcase and want to meet as many people as possible. While the community is a little smaller at Outsite, your nomadic lifestyle will be embraced and encouraged as you bop from location to location. LEARN MORE


Remote Year offers one month, four months, and one year long programs throughout the world, where participants can work individually while also joining daily group activities and excursions. Remote Year provides the schedule, housing, and transportation, but you need to deliver the work. If you have a rigorous job that allows you to work remotely and rigorously on your own, but you want to finish the day with a crew in a new place, Remote Year is the place for you. LEARN MORE


With 100+ fitness adventures around the world, SYB knows how to program a hell of a week. All things balance is the motto, and we’re bringing this mentality to your day-to-day life for a month. This is more than just providing accommodations; it’s building a routine and lifestyle for the best version of yourself. Optional features like wakeup calls, accountability teams, surf breaks, daily group fitness sessions and of course, big dinners and epic nights. You’ll be surrounded by work hard play hard peeps from major cities like NYC, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, and London. Everyone is in it for the same reasons and same mindset of living life to the fullest and in true SYB balance!

The next SYB REMOTE is January 2-28, 2022 - Elevate your CAREER and LIFESTYLE!

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