What We Learned From Nicaragua NYE


With what felt like every force in the world working against us, 60 incredible humans chose faith over fear and landed in Nicaragua on December 27th. Living off a mix of endorphins, fresh local cuisine, gratitude, and Nicaraguan beers, we soaked up every second we had together, as we waved away 2021 and welcomed 2022. It’s crazy how people can come into your life for a short amount of time and change it forever

"You are exactly where you need to be"

Villas Playa Maderas, San Juan Del Sur

This place was basically designed for us to come visit. The jungle gym equipped with wooden dumbbells, and climbing walls, and the sunset yoga deck overlooks the surf break. If you think it's relaxing to shavasana in a candle lit yoga studio or during a livestream in your living room, wait until the sea breeze tickles your nose as the warm sun sets into the horizon. The panoramic views are better than anything we've experienced before.


1. Managua (MGA) is Nicaragua's International airport (about a 2 hour drive).
2. Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica (about 3 hour drive).

From Liberia, flights are frequent and direct from major cities like NYC and Boston. You have to cross the land border, but we have a great driving service that will help you arrive safely and seamlessly. Check out our blog post for full deets:


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