Think like an Italian. Drink like a Stallion!


Positano is a perfect blend between the sensual artistry of nature and the human talent to harmoniously create art galleries, chic boutiques and restaurants perched on the cliffs with fabulous sea views, bringing a special charm to this magical location. WHATEVA... (record scratch) enough of the basic stuff. Let’s give you an insider’s view on this cliffside getaway. Hashtag: DRANKS! 

With four epic adventures (and counting) to the Amalfi Coast, I’ve now considered the Positano dining experience to be part of the ‘Cosa Nostra’ in my life – the only thing in life. Whether you arrive by land or sea (we always prefer to get wet obvs!), once you set foot in Positano it’s an SYB tradition to grab a drink and make a toast. Espresso...meh, but first, CAMPARI! Skip the touristy Limoncello shots – you won’t find locals drinking it at all – you'll never see a native New Yorker eating a street vendor hot dog or one of those ¢99 slices! Woof, yeah, you get it now. Insider tip? Do as the locals do. When in Rome (which isn’t far away at all!).


First head to the legendary Hotel Le Sirenuse for drinks and only drinks. Yeah, you can eat there too but it’s over-priced and not really worth it because of the small portions. There are better spots to dine at. What is worth it, is the view! Take a few selfies while you sip on your first of many Aperol Spritz.  Remember, it’s not Champagne, it’s Prosecco. Very important. You’ll find out a bit.

HANG HERE: Hotel Le Sirenuse  
DRINK THIS: Aperol Spritz 


After you stroll through Positano’s narrow streets, many decorated with grape vine arches and fuchsia flowers, do some galley hopping and try on some handcrafted Italian linen apparel, make your way to Franco’s Bar which is always filled with Italians-on-holiday ready for a mid-day drink. I recommend a two-drink minimum here. Order the Hugo Spritz, with Prosecco, Elderflower and fresh mint. It’s like a Mojito made especially for the Roman gods. After you make a toast and swig it down, make a game plan to head down for a bite. But before that, order their master-crafted Old Fashioned and slowly sip it as you stare into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

HANG HERE: Franco’s Bar

DRINK THIS: Hugo Spritz

Now it’s time for a quick bite and of course more drinks! Italian small bites are called Cicchetti. Eat as many as you can before you head back up towards the southern side of Positano. Do your best to find a hidden gem called Faro Bar. Walk down a narrow set of stairs that opens up to an epic view of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Now it’s time for the real deal! It’ll take an acquired-taste but definitely order their Negroni. Grab a seat with a view and blaze up that authentic Cuban cigar you bought in one of the many Tabacchi shops along the way. Sip till your hearts content and simply enjoy la dolce vita.

DRINK THIS: Negroni 

DRINK THIS: All the red wine!

Next, head all the way down to the little beach area. Do a little more exploring and shopping before you head to one of Positano’s best kept secrets and one of SYB's favorite places to dine: Lo Guarracino. To reach this gem just hop on the picturesque path carved into the rock along the sea , the pathway is called Positanesi of America, near the famous Tower Trasita, built by Positano in the second half of the 5th century to defend itself from the continuous pirate raids and Turkish invaders. If you’re lucky enough find it, which you will, you’ve earned yourself a glass of their house red. A glorious nectar worthy of your intrepid ‘Italian-ish’ spirit. Now sit back and enjoy the sunset but be sure to order your choice of seafood pasta. My recommendation would be a steaming plate of their Nero di Seppia. A squid ink pasta to die for. Request some hot chili olive oil to drizzle all over.  Follow it up with another bottle of red wine or more Negronis. Just remember two very important things. (1.) NEVER drink Champagne (it's always Prosecco) with your pasta dinner and (2.) NEEEVER add Parmesan cheese to ANY seafood pasta. Per favore! Please.

HANG HERE: Lo Guarracino


This has been a paisano's cocktail tour in Positano. Now you're ready to join us in the Amalfi Coast June 15-22, so remember to book early and never be late for Happy Hour! As they say in Italy: Meglio tardi che mai. 

Ciao bellas!

By Eddie, SYB Partner & Culinary Expert @saludnyc