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RUN CLUB x Katie B



We are welcoming our SYB all star trainer, master yoga and master bootcamp teacher from San Diego, Katie B! She has lead over 3 SYB adventures and will be co-leading this Monday night special run club! She is also launching the SYB Academy: Yoga Teacher Training program that involves two full trips, 8-weeks of online course work, and personalized one on one mentorship. 

Every attendee will receive a Chic & White SYB Hat and the first round of drinks on SYB!

Space is limited.


For those of you whole loves challenges we present to you the ultimate summer goal:

  • Complete 40 Run Clubs - FREE SYB ADVENTURE
  • Complete 38 Run Clubs - 50% OFF ANY ADVENTURE
  • Complete 32 Run Clubs - $200 SYB Gift Card
  • Complete 22 Run Clubs - SYB Swag Bag Prize

Must be completed between May 30th - Sept 5th and prizes are for single person only.

Meeting Places?

Monday 7pm we meet at Pier 63 (22nd and West Side Highway)

Wednesdays 7pm we meet at Lululemon Lincoln Center (Central Park South)

Fridays 6:45am we meet at Pier 63 (22nd and West Side Highway)

I can't run...

All good baby baby! We run in short spurts so that everyone can catch up and we stay together. These short intervals bring higher efficieny to your workout and keep the afterburn way after the run! Those who run faster will start the workout sooner, win win :)

Can I just show up?

Yes we can sign you up when you arrive! Bring running shoes, duh.

What about my stuff?

We have a designated person to do bag watch!

Earlier Event: June 29
Later Event: July 4
RUN CLUB (Morning Special)