Fire & Ice

Aug 31 - Sept 5 2024


Fire & Ice

August 31 - September 5 2024

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6 Day / 5 Night - 4 nights in Hvolsvöllur (near the famous Þórsmörk) and 1 night in Reykjavík


Pay with a first installment of $0.00/pp or with a deposit of $512.50/pp.


Hike to explore waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, and hot springs

Adventure in Iceland
Fitness and Adventure Holidays

Hike to explore waterfalls, volcanos, glaciers, and hot springs

Welcome to the magical land of Iceland. This is an adventure jam-packed with days that have 22 hours of light. So get ready for nonstop trails, swims, caves, mini horses, geysers, waterfalls, elves, yoga, and dried fish! We're not all ultra-marathoners, and that's okay! These boots (and sneakers) were made for hiking, too. The trails of Iceland are for all levels, whether you're usually clocking 10 miles a day or you break a sweat walking around your neighborhood. Either way, exploring this unreal country on foot is the way to go. We’re not doing the whole snapping-pics-through-the-streaky-window-of-your-rental-car thing. This is literally off the grid, off the trail, off your mother’s radar. We’re doing Iceland the right way, eating weird snacks, seeing sights only fit for fairytales, snapping pics of you being the adventurous maniac that you’ve always wanted to be (hello Insta flames), and making friends with the most spirited group of people who are just like you. It's a hiking, running, skipping, piggybacking, however you want to get around the trails type of trip. There are many levels to it from 'stop and smell the roses' to 'sexy pace' to 'LFG' -- everyone will get what they want! Time to lace up your sneakers, book your flight, and meet us at the trailhead.

lead by example



fun for daze



We'll find you at the airport (meet at KEF between 8-10am) and right away head to some sweet spots along the way to our basecamp.

The first stop is Skogafoss! This is where we'll hike (3-4 hours) and jump in the hot springs to wash off afterwards!

When we arrive to basecamp in the late afternoon, we'll shower, hot tub, sauna and have dinner at home. Dancing will be rampant, daylight will be plentiful, and the elfs come out to play at night. Where this night takes you is your story, but this is just day 1.



Wake-up calls, a morning bootcamp, a hearty breakfast awaits before we depart for Laugavegur for a majestic highlands trail, following a secret natural hot springs.

We head back for evening yoga, happy hour and a big group dinner in town!



Wake-up calls and breakfast begin the day, then we depart for Seljalandfoss and Gljufrabui for some sexy photo moments behind some huge and powerful waterfalls. Then we head to the start of our Skogafoss Waterfall trail run - this is of 5 miles to a bridge and 5 miles back, so definitely take in all that 'waterfall alley' has to offer!

After our longest run, we head to Selijavallalaug for some geothermal pool action, you better believe we're bringing the music and dranks - you deserve it after todays run! Dinner and theme party is at our basecamp!



Wake-up early, do some partner yoga, laugh, have a big breakfast before we take our off road bus drive through rivers and mountains to Thórsmörk! This volcano hike is as bad ass as it gets. You can take the long route or the short route, and you won't believe your eyes. 

Dinner and drinks at home! 



We'll check out of our basecamp at 9am and go straight to Blue Lagoon to rest and recover after running through all those endless waterfalls. Later we'll all head into Reykjavik to our final home base, settle in and hit the town hard for all it's got, including the capital's famous hot dog stand! 



We will be checking out before 11am and making our way back to the airport. Transportation to the airport is not provided but we will be grouping people together based on departure times to make things easiest. 

Until next time… or until we all see each other at the next party because this friendship just started!

experience it all


  • All Accommodations
  • All Transportation
  • Full Fitness Programming
  • All Meals Unless Mentioned
  • SYB Welcome Package
  • Blue Lagoon Entrance
  • All Pool Entrances
  • Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park
  • Geysir Geothermal Area
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Reykjadalur (Steam Valley)
  • Services of SYB Adventure Leaders
  • Photographer + Videographer


  • International Flights
  • 2 Dinners in Town
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuities to Guides + Drivers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance



cool stuff people said




Surround yourself with those who make you smile and laugh the most. Lucky for me, I spent a week in Iceland with 25 unbelievable people who allowed me to do just that 💙 #Icegang #SYBIceland



It is scary for anyone to travel to a foreign country with a group of people you have never met before. But, after that first introduction at the airport, thanks to SYB, it wasn’t long until we all felt embraced, cared for, challenged, and appreciated. Before this experience, I had never run two miles, but I accomplished a 20-mile trail run with SYB. When I hurt both my knees, no one left me behind. The positive encouragement I received was unexpected from a bunch of strangers. From that point onwards, I knew we were more than just traveling companions… we were a family and a team. When I think about saying thank you to SYB, I don’t know where to start. It’s hard to put into words how much this company has had a positive impact on my life. SYB is a place to get fit, have fun, be vulnerable, find your limits (then surpass them), discover yourself, ditch your toxic relationships back home, and establish a new healthy mindset. SYB is an attitude and a lifestyle. If you haven’t signed up and experienced it yet, you are truly missing out. SYB Iceland, thank you from the bottom of my heart; you have given me much more than a unique traveling experience. The positive outlook, influence, empathy, and courage of the leaders - @liamjaris , @aubreylauryn , @danidellarco @tinadaq and @aaroncolussi - are the linchpin of this experience. It quite simply can’t be replicated elsewhere. #takemeback #sybiceland



Coming off a week of nonstop adventure on the enchanted island of Iceland - the land of Vikings, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers...and hot dogs. Feeling very inspired and thankful for friendships strengthened and new friends made. Let’s keep it going squad! . . . #sybiceland #run #surfyogabeer #iceland



'Life looks cool when you have a pro photographer on your team... especially if you stayed out until 4am and got to the Blue Lagoon at 7am'



'This past week I truly learned what it means to go the extra mile... saying yes to things you're uncertain about, pushing yourself a little bit harder, doing things you never thought you could do and staying present in the moment. Thank you Surf Yoga Beer Iceland crew for the best week of my life'



'Nothing but lots of miles and tons of smiles'



'I swan in freezing water between two tectonic plates and the fire smize behind those googles is my only proof'



'This freaking crew and that freaking sky'



'Land of fire and ice'



'Went to Iceland and 28 people melted my heart'



'Never did I feel this close to nature, till I came to Iceland for my very first trail running trip'



Shout out to the Ice Squad!! Thanks for the best trip full of waterfalls, incredible hikes/runs, all the laughs, dancing, sir parkbenchington, and the BEST CREW! And to the leaders @danidellarco @tinadaq @aubreylauryn @liamjaris thanks for keeping vibes high! Last slide shout out to the MVP @aaroncolussi the man behind the camera. 📸: @aaroncolussi @surfyogabeer #sybiceland

trip faqs



Running & Fitness


Food & Drink

Glaciers, Hot Springs, National Parks & More

Pool Culture

Photography & Videography

Travel & Medical Insurance

The Location

Money in Iceland

Let's Talk Water

Safety in Iceland

Trip Guide

Most flights to Reykjavik are overnight if you're flying from the US. We'll all meet at the Keflavík Airport (KEF) sometime between 8-10am as the flights trickle in between those times. We'll round everyone up and take you to our compound from there, it is about a 2 hour drive! 

And our last night is in Reykjavik, so the next morning (Sept 5th) you can book any flight that works for you.

We will stay at Midgard Basecamp, and there are options for single shared or private rooms. Both are amazing, comfortable and safe!

This is a trail hiking and running trip and we do encourage most guests to be enthusiastic about that first and foremost. This is ALL LEVELS, so as long as you're enthusiastic, you're in the right place. Also after a late night, you may not want to wake up and join us for a workout, but we highly suggest it! Included in your trip, the runs, boot camps and yoga sessions keep us energized; there is nothing better than waking up and sweating with your new friends! Our world-class trip leaders know how to start your day the best way, with a good workout to prime us for a day of adventuring. 

This trip focuses on hiking & running. Be aware that you should feel comfortable with these activities if you plan on joining this trip. 

This experience is included in trip fees. 

Don't even stress - we got you! To and from the airport, and everywhere in between, SYB will be moving as one pack. So transportation is entirely included in the experience. 

We will have two dinners in town that you are responsible for paying for. Otherwise, we got you covered! 

Alcohol is not included, but you will have lots of opportunities to buy bus beers and anything you need.

Like Scandanavian culture, Icelandic food is inspired by what's around them. Iceland is known for its fish - cod, salmon, and haddock are the most common, along with langoustines. 

Try Skyr, a thick and creamy dairy product described as yogurt and cottage cheese meeting. Lamb is also a local delicacy, as is rye bread. So many different types of food to choose from!

We will be experiencing all that Iceland has to offer. Following a tough run or hike, we will decompress in the natural hot springs, or we may wander around and see the glaciers that have led to the creation of these hot springs. 

There are many places to visit, but don't worry; we've got you. All experiences are paid for, except for the optional snorkelling experience - don't worry if you don't want to do it. We have other fun activities planned! 

Icelandic people are a public pool culture, and we're gonna experience that! After our epic adventurous days we'll hit up either natural warm springs or the public outdoor pools and saunas! It is an experience itself so let's immerse ourselves. 

No need to whip out your phone or camera at any point throughout this trip because we have got you covered. We will have a professional photographer and videographer joining us on this trip to capture every moment. These will be the best travel photos and videos you will ever get - you're friends better be ready for a photo dump out of their wildest dreams!!

This experience is included in trip fees. 

We highly recommend you get travel and/or medical insurance. This is just for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. 

We start this adventure at Keflavík International Airport (KEF) between Keflavík and Reykjavík. 

Iceland is rich in natural beauty, the Krýsuvík Cliffs. Walk along the lava fields sprinkled with geothermal pools to see these cliffs that span for miles; this is also an excellent area to see the almost 60,000 birds that come to the cliffs to mate. But don't forget the stunning Seltún Geothermal Pools at the end of the cliffs. 

Home to Thingvellir National Park is often the first stop on the Golden Circle. It is filled with stunning geological features, waterfalls & ravines opened by tectonic movement filled with meltwater (SO COOL!). 

Nature's waterslides. Waterfalls are all over the country. Seljalandsfoss, a 60m drop waterfall, and Gljufrabui are two impressive waterfalls to hike around and explore. But we can't forget about Skogafoss, one of the country's largest waterfalls.

This area hosts the iconic Gullfoss Waterfall, famed for its beauty and size, as well as the Geysir Geothermal Area, which is a unique & rare phenomenon. Don't forget Kerid Crater, a volcanic crater lake - a newer volcanic eruption that makes its iron deposits unique! 

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in a lava field - a can't miss spot to unwind. Nestled between two volcanoes, Sólheimajökull Glacier is an outlet glacier branching off from an ice sheet. 

We can't forget about the stunning cities and towns of Iceland. Vik is a small seafront village sitting in the shadow of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. On the shores of Vik is Reynisfjara, the only black sand beach in Iceland, formed from volcanic activity in the area. This is one of the island's most iconic spots (you may even have the chance to see Puffins!). But on a larger scale, Reykjavík is the largest city, and the country's capital - known for its nightlife and vast history mainly focused on Vikings; this is a can't miss spot! 

Icelandic króna is the country's currency, but most establishments will accept most major currencies (USD, Euros, CAD). 

Most Icelanders only use credit and debit cards, so we suggest telling your bank you are travelling. However, carry about $300 to $400 in your home currency, just in case! 

95% of drinking water in Iceland comes from springs, so it is one of the cleanest and most delicious waters to drink. The tap water is free of chlorine, calcium, and nitrate, so be prepared to love this water!

Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world! However, we suggest leaving all important items at our accommodations while we are out exploring - but maybe keep your Yeezys and nice jewelry at home!

This is our full trip guide HERE



Adventure with your best friends you haven't met yet!



Cancelled trips will hold as credit if notified up to 28 days prior.



We are inclusive. Fitness and adventure belongs to everyone.