Why Nicaragua Kicks Costa Rica’s Butt


Nicaragua is SurfYogaBeer at its core... full of adventure, unparalleled waves, and incredible vibes. Break out your bathing suit and get ready to go. Costa Rica who? Never heard of her.

1. Nature, adventure, repeat

You want to bask on a glorious beach? Maybe hang out with some monkeys in a sick rainforest? How about exploring some old af towns? Nicaragua’s got you on all of that. Costa Rica may have nice beaches and some rainforests, but Nicaragua has the largest rainforest in Central America where you’ll find 7% of the world’s biodiversity (betcha didn’t know that). Nicaragua even has 3 times more active volcanos than Costa Rica. Talk about a fire destination. More of a history buff? Try beating the oldest city in Central America dating back more than 500 years along with some astounding colonial towns. You can’t.o

2. Hello hidden gem, goodbye overcrowding

Less is more... especially when it comes to other tourists (and even more so now during covid times). “Big tourism” has yet to take hold of this gem, so its up-and-coming status means you get to reap alllll the benefits. Think of a truly culturally immersive experience, barely a Taco Bell insight. The locals are some of the friendliest people out there, the hospitality is unparalleled, and the prices are insanely affordable. Discover this spot before all of your friends do. 

3. Surf’s up, dudes

You won’t find a more prime location in the world for learning or perfecting your wave-catching skills. You get the vibes of Costa Rica’s top tourist beaches with a fraction of the actual tourists. This means wide-open space, uninterrupted breaks, and all-around more surf for you. Nicaragua has 330 days a year of offshore winds and warm water year-round. The waves are perfect, the views are immaculate, and saltwater does wonders for the soul. Trust us, you’ll be shredding all day long.

SYB knows adventure. That’s why Nicaragua was our OG destination all the way back in 2014 and continues to be one of our most consistent trips. There truly is no comparison, and we’ll prove it to you.

Join us...spots for SYB NYE 2021 opening soon, or apply to work hard and play harder as a member of the first-ever SYB Remote group heading to Nicaragua for the entire month of January 2022. We can’t wait to catch a few waves with you.

Written by Katie Bauer