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November 9-12, 2018 (3-Night) *Registration Opens July 1

Helllllllo Miami, we have our 3-night trip set on Veterans Day Weekend, just ditch work early on Friday. We get everything you can think of Miami style: tan-lines, sweaty workouts, bikini attire all day, cafe Cubano, and long nights dancing.



November 9-12

(3 Sleeps)


Mantas Zvinas


Shared $999 (Advanced Pricing $899)

Private $1399 (Advanced Pricing $1299)

ADVANCED PRICING: If you book before July 8th save $100.

Shared is in a room with one other person (of course we can room you with your friend).

Unlike typical hotel lingo, we included everything in the price - all taxes, fees, service charges and take a look at what we include! We hate big business tryin' squeeze that last dollar as much as you...


Miami (MIA)



  • 3 Nights Accommodations at Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

  • Airport Transfers 

  • Big ass breakfast everyday

    • Fresh orange juice

    • One free mimosa every morning

    • Options like Nutella Waffles, Eggs, Granola, Fruit.

  • Hours of Fitness Every Damn Day

  • A SoulCycle Class with Aubrey!

  • 'ALL YOU CAN DRINK DRAFT BEER' all day everyday (please be careful)

  • Open Bar from 7-8pm everyday (valid at every South Beach hotel bar or restaurant)

  • Sushi night dinner

  • Party Boat Day Adventure

    • Water trampoline + floating mat

    • BBQ on private island

    • All drinks included

  • Paddle Board + Kayaking Adventure to island

  • Salsa dancing lessons

  • Pre-booked cabanas by the pool

  • Pre-booked chairs at the beach club

  • SYB swag

  • Professional Photos + Videos


  • Flights

  • Lunches

  • 2 Dinners

  • Personal Expenses

  • Travel Insurance (optional)

Bienvenidos a Miami!

Come sweat in the city where the heat is on, all day and night on the beach ’til the break of dawn. We’re hosting this limited-edition express adventure.


Everything is better in Miami- the booty's, the booze, and the buffets. Start your day with a cafe Cubano (grande por favor) and get ready for a full day of adventure. Get your booty to the beach for some bootcamp next to the crystal blue waters. #WorkHardPlayHard - Fuel up afterwards with a fresh organic breakfast and smoothies by the pool that is blocked off just for our group. We even have set cabanas and beach chairs pre-booked with your name on it to soak in those post-workout endorphins. All of these workouts got us thinking about a Miami siesta, but once you recover we gather for an afternoon beach run then sunset yoga session. FYI throughout the day you have access to as much 'recovery' beer (it's just normal beer...) as you want, just go easy please. Sushi dinner is set up in a private patio for our group at FKU. Ever eaten sushi off a model? well here's your chance. The pre-game party is one you won't want to miss out on, learn how to salsa dance, enjoy a fresh rolled cigar, show off your sexiest moves at some of SoBe's sickest nightclubs and get ready to watch the sunrise and do it all over again the next day. #Detox2Retox


Accommodation will be at the Catalina Hotel located on 17th st. and Collins - the heart and center of Miami Beach. Besides being sexy & chic, it is right next to the water, is going to be all you drink draft beer, has free drinks at the bar during happy hour 7-8pm, and has a pool to lounge after our daily workouts.


Plan to arrive to MIA airport anytime prior to 1pm, we will have a shuttle to pick you up and take you to our accommodations. We begin Friday with a 2pm meet & greet, a 2:30pm beach workout, and 5pm dinner, followed by lot's of surprises (ask anyone who's been on a trip).

 Our night out at Wall Lounge

Our night out at Wall Lounge


This is an all-levels fitness immersion. You will be challenged greatly at your level and progress is our main goal. There will be two workouts; in the early mornings, and afternoons prior to dinner. They will consist of beach bootcamps, runs, circuit training and yoga. Trust us, the amazing dinners, drinks and dance parties will be way more fun after these workouts. On the zen side there will be yoga and meditation classes by our private pool to unwind, learn and appreciate the good things in life. 

 Our party boat day to a private island

Our party boat day to a private island


  • South Beach Accommodations

  • All White Party (FRIDAY)

  • Private Pool Area

  • Pre/Post Workout Meals + Juices

  • Salsa Dancing Lessons

  • Party Boat Day

  • Paddle Board & Kayak to an island

  • Night Out at Wall Lounge

  • Dinner at FKU Sushi off of model's bodies



Jam packed days, Miami heat, crystal clear blue waters, 40 of the most sexy, strong and likeminded people surround you, and to top it all off - all you can sweat workouts. Workouts on the beach, workouts by the pool for lunch, workouts on the dance floor at night - you'll be in the best shape of your life after just 4 days with us!

There's no better way to return home, to feel full and thriving, strong and secure, than to take the risk, book a ticket, and join us for 4 days you will never forget.

If you are looking to change perspective, reinvigorate your reality, reconnect with yourself and meet life-long friends, join us for trip of a lifetime.



  MANTAS ZVINAS |  Miami Workout Buddy  Get your booty to Miami Airport and the rest is in his hands. He is the founder and will help you create new fitness habits and will be your drinking and dancing go to.

MANTAS ZVINAS | Miami Workout Buddy

Get your booty to Miami Airport and the rest is in his hands. He is the founder and will help you create new fitness habits and will be your drinking and dancing go to.

  AUREY BAILEY |  Local Miami Fitness Celeb  This SoulCycle rockstar and Miami fitness legend will be taking us on a fitness adventure of South Beach like a local. Expect sweaty, sexy, and spicy moments with her around!

AUREY BAILEY | Local Miami Fitness Celeb

This SoulCycle rockstar and Miami fitness legend will be taking us on a fitness adventure of South Beach like a local. Expect sweaty, sexy, and spicy moments with her around!


Some Questions You Probably Have:

Where are we staying?


How do I get there? Are there flights?

Yes, basically there are a million flights to Miami. Grab one that works for you, and we will set up a shuttle to pick you up from the airport straight to the hotel for check in where you will be greeted by an SYB leader. Our first activities start Friday 4pm, you can check into the hotel by 2pm. If you arrive early just leave your luggage and come hang out with us. Once you book there is full communication with everyone via group chat so you will find fellow SYB'ers. Don't worry if have to arrive late on Friday, we'll help you find us that night... P.S. Just FYI Friday night is our all white party and salsa dancing lessons.

Do people go solo?

Yes, in fact that is recomended. But we understand it is intimidating and hard because you feel like you don't know anyone, but trust us - it is worth it. #firststepisthehardest

Who normally goes?

There is no average person, every trip is it's own magical group. #allnewfriends

Hhow much should I bring?

We believe something around $200 is a safe amount. Nightclub drinks, mid-day lunches and two dinners are not included.

Can I just sit back and unwind the whole time?

Yep, no questions asked, this is your trip. Although we make things really fun so just saying you might be seduced. #playtime

How soon does it fill up, and how does the waitlist work?

We fill up very quickly because of our limited amount of beds, the sooner you can book the better. The waitlist works on first come first serve. Once we contact you off the waitlist you haev 48 hours to book your spot otherwise we move on to the next person on the list.

Is there a caretaker and house keeping?

We have house keeeeeeeping.

Do I need to bring a towel or yoga mat?

Basically all you need is yourself. But in case you want something softer for sunset yoga, yes a thick yoga mat would be great. Also you should purchase an SYB towel, thats prolly the coolest thing you can bring. Try to go light on the packing list, people end up wearing just a few articles of clothing the whole week. Oh ya and running shoes and bathing suit would be a good idea too.

BOOTYCAMP BY Mantas Zvinas?

Get ready for runs, planks, sweat dripping smiles and a full fun challenging fitness program by the founder himself. #sybootycamp


This is what we do, and we have created an amazing community behind it. Check out our blog, our social, our yelp, our friends, our local classes, our teachers and anyone who you've heard that went - we are here to create the best experience of your life! #surfyogabeer

from 699.00


  • Full payment is due to secure your spot.
  • Limited space.
  • Tax is already included.
  • Payment is non-refundable or transferable.